clavicle repair or replacement

I have a bump on my clavicle very close to the end where the clavicle connects to the chest. My doctor sent me for a bone scan, CAT scan, X-Ray and PET scan. Based on the results of the PET scan he said it was cancer. He wants to remove my whole clavicle and when I asked if there was a way to cut off just the part with the tumor and somehow repair the rest of it he said no.

I've searched online and have seen many treatments for broken clavicles and was wondering if any of these methods could be used in my case. Is there any way to simply cut off the tumor and keep the rest of my clavicle with some type of repair or replacement?

I always thought that biopsy was the gold standard for diagnosiing cancer?

That's what i thought as well. My doctor wants to meet with me next week. Him and a plastic surgeon are going to explain to me how the operation to remove my clavicle will go. At that time I will ask for a biopsy. I was also hoping to discuss with him alternatives to removing my entire clavical. That is why I have been looking all over the net for other options.

The biopsy should be done first. The microscopic slides reviewed by several pathologists, a decision on the diagnosis made, then a treatment plan.

It can all occur over a couple of days. If its cancer, it can still wait untill everyone agrees on the slides.

So I spoke to my doctor today. By the way he's a thoracic surgeon. He doesn't want to do a biopsy because he feels he has enough tests results to confirm the cancer and that every day I delay the operation increases the chances of the cancer spreading.

I then asked him to refer me to an oncologist for a 2nd opinion which he did. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting with an oncologist at the same hospital so he will have access to my complete medical history including all the tests done so far. I will ask the oncologist for the biopsy.

My main reason for posting on this board though is for advice on the removal of the clavicle. If there is no choice I'm prepared to have it completely removed but I don't want to make the wrong decision if there is a chance to repair or replace it. My doctor explained that reconstruction or replacement with a prosthesis would only be for aesthetics not function.

He says that the muscles and tendons couldn't/wouldn't be attached to a prosthesis and if they were they would not function anyway. Is this true? If I'm losing functionality then I don't care about getting a prosthesis or losing my clavicle. I just need to know if there is some sort of repair that can be done to retain muscle functionality.

The 2 most promising links I found are the following:

Are either one of these options realistic? Do I need to get an orthopedic surgeon to perform the operation rather then a thoracic surgeon? I've got the cancer part covered with the oncologist tomorrow. Any advice about the clavicle and muscle functionality would be welcome and really appreciated.

what cancer are you dealing with?

My doctor says it's a radiation induced sarcoma of the clavicle. When I was 22 which is 18 years ago(I'm 40 now), I had 6 weeks of radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Everything has been fine since until now of course.

I'm a very healthy 40 year old. I jog daily and do push-ups and crunches. I've been active all my life. I don't smoke or drink either and I eat a well balanced diet. I'm NOT a fast food kind of guy.

You need to have that cut out asap. Down the road, you can consider what way to do the reconstruction is necessary.

First save your life.

Next, worry about return to sports.

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