Adelanto GP ?

I'm interested in riding the Adelanto GP in Feb. I have never competed in the BITD or any other series. I just wanna have fun with some friends. I have ridden in the area before in a few poker runs around the Slash "X" area of Barstow. Whaddaya think.... my experience is truthfully Low to Mid level "A" rider, 39 yrs old. I found out yesterday that I have a leaky fork seal & will have White Bros rework the front & rear next week hopefully in time to dial it before the race..... :)


Go for it. Why not. Life is too short. I'm going to do it and my bio sounds alot like yours. I'll be 39 the day of the race and am so slow I think my mission in life is to make other riders feel better about themselves.

My neice who is 12 years old will be competing in the women's class. She just got her TTR125 a couple months ago and has houred-out of the three enduros she's ridden since then.

I rode the race a couple years ago. The course was about 13 miles long and all whooped-out. There is a motocross section and that's where all the spectators are. There's a big jump that goes over some water/mud. The crowd will be yelling at you to jump it, but I'd advise you to take the "chicken" route around it. I've seen too many guys get hurt.

You'll get to see all the factory boys out there and it will be one big party.

Have a great time.

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