Purchase of an XR 650 L

I am looking at the 650 L really hard and have read up as much as I can. I would like some personal opinions on it. I will ride a little on the street but it is mainly going to be for fire roads and trails. I may end up going to Mexico, Copper Canyon, on it. :D:)

Definitely get it! I bought one in 01 for dual-sport and trail rides. I cannot imagine I'll ever get rid of it. If you are a big guy, it's even better. I'm 6'4", 225 lbs. Make sure you uncork it (search for "Uncorked" topic). It's comfortable as heck, has the e-start and a pretty good stock suspension.

The XRL is definately the ultimate cushmobile. You won't be dissappointed. I have been to Copper Canyon many times, and I would not consider any other bike. I am going to Mexico on Feb. 15th for a 5-6 day jaunt, won't have time for Copper canyon this go, however if you want to go, I would be up to possibly meeting and checking the canyon out again...Dualsport Mecca extroidinaire!!!!

I am sure I am going to get a Dual Sport and I am leaning towards the XR 650 L. I am not sure if I will have it by Feb. but some friends are planning the same ride that R.L.Lemke(www.dualsportmagazine.com) Sport made in Nov. in Arkansas. We all live in Houston and are planning the trip in early April. If you want to know more contact me TARFELE@yahoo.com I know we will make a trip to Copper Canyon in 2003 and would like an experienced Mexico rider to go with.

Thanks for the advise on the XRL I am going to try and negotiate with the owner to get him down a few hundred.The bike is a good deal but I do have some extras I want to put on it. It has less than 1000 miles on it and it is a 2001 .

Hi. yes, sounds like a good bike for your purposes. But you MUST uncork it, or it won't run worth a darn! I would suggest the XR650R with a dual sport kit and honda power up kit also. Reason being, the XR650R is many many times more powerful and the handling is far superior to the L model. But many people don't like to kick start a bike, and also it's not as cushy as the L model.. Hope this helps.

You need to do the ride in Ar. I was there at that ride on my 94 XRL and had a blast. If you need some GPS files for the ride drop me a line and I will email them to you. R.L. does an OUTSTANDING job on his routes and is an excellent host. If you have never been to one of events you need to go. :) Just for info my 94 is up on the auction block, I bought an 03 KLX400.

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