Spoiler, US Open: JS and his new YZ

I have never had major carb issues.... but maybe thats just me.

The efi needs to be more than it is as of now, and the funny thing is the stock maps are not perfect by any stretch. In the crf450 section there is a post about the new honda, saying the bottom is much too rich, and that the bike has much room for improvement stock.

Sounds like the same problems carbs had to me....aka the factory set up can be improved.

personally, I think the EFI is going to be more of a big deal for consumers. a pro's mechanic shouuld be able to set the carb up pretty good for each race. but, for a guy like me... who will at most tweek the fuel screw if my bike is running rough, EFI is a big deal..

Couple of things on the EFI. It's almost instant throttle. Sounds nice, but when you are beat up at the end of the day and your hands are so cramped that you are barely able to open your hands, the EFI can scare the Jesus out of you. I've done it on more than one occasion. It's probably one the most unique things to get used to on the bike.

I agree on not having to worry about jetting, but I always ponder the thought of getting dirt stick in there and what it must be like to clean out. It's a lot of work as it's all tucked in tight. Kinda like working on the newer cars these days. I already miss the ability to take my bowl off and change the jetting or clean out the carb....Keeps me busy and allows me to tinker in the garage....I'll have to figure out what to do with all those jets floating around now.:D

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