03 yz450f master cylinder problem

I keep having a reoccurring problem with my front master cylinder seals developing a small pinhole in the front seal located next to the spring. It has happened twice and both times I slid out on a right hand corner and the brake lever got hit. The first time I was going fairly fast but the second time I basically just tipped over and it still blew the seal.

My question is there any mod or tougher master cylinder or seal that can help with this problem, I have already ruined two good days to this.

Are you using stock levers? If you are Sunline has a great new design for the clutch and brake lever and its not rediculously priced. They are around $65.00 U.S. I use them on my sons bike because of similar problems with his bike when he crashes hard on the right side. These levers flex out of the way in a crash preventing the lever from putting all of the force onto the master cylinder. The levers not only fold forward like the ASV levers but also fold up and down. Where are you at in Ontario?

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