Min tao lo

Ching tao pon no li ma. Min tao lo ped in chi matonsimo. Lo ma? Ha ha ha!!

Right back too ya, whatever that means, hope its not offensive. :):D

What dialect was that?

Ni chiang she mo? Wo pu ming pai...

Yo BBW, my man.. whats up?

You got 3 going today?

I still got about 4 and one ahem.....


Dirt, i was just about to give up on you, thought i'd never find ya and then i thought i saw a language that dirt might understand, what does all that mumbo jumbo mean??

Steve, I'm always here from Mon-Fri (office hours, Sgp time)

I'm an office guy but i get out sometimes and just got back in.

That diablo was saying something but it seems like a dialect i do not get.

Anyway if its mandarin, i can get it but if it ain't...

So you up to no good tonight?

I know i am..... Mighty naught stuff on the net nowsadays...


Post deleted by blue_beast_wins

Sorry steve,

gotta run.

I may see you at TT tomorrow if you're in.

Peace out dude!

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