Who's got the most muscles in their right leg? (in some cases left)

Just wondering what some of the hardest to start bikes are out there.

My buddys dad had a '73 Yamaha 360 and he claims that to be the hardest to start.

I think hands down it has to be my 95 XR 600. :D:D:) (No regrets the day that thing was trailered off)

Any others???

my father in laws 1985 john deer riding lawn mower. what a bitch. and trying to mow the whold lawn without it crapping out is a another feat in its self!!!


Your father-in-law has a riding lawn mower with a kick start.



Hands down, whoever can operate the clutch on a Freight Train. That individual has the strongest right leg! :)

Here is the king of the lefties:



I've broken kickstart arms on both a KX500 (twice) and a YZ490.

The most painful bike to kickstart was the 750 Norton. If the wrong piston of the twin was at TDC, it kicked back with a vengeance.

The '75 Goldwing had a removeable kickstart in the glovebox. Take it out with the bike on the centerstand and insert it. Then stand alongside the bike facing it and push down on the lever. It was about the worst design you could imagine.

My biggest mistake came 2 years ago kickstarting a KX250 without a boot. My foot slipped off the kickstart arm and the end of it raked up my shin bone. :) Several feet of sutures and 32 staples later the slice was put back together.

Moral of the story: Always wear a boot when using the kick start.

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My old Yamaha 360 (Pictured Left) was the biggest pain in the butt to start...It literally burned to the ground in a post crash fire about 6 weeks after the photo was taken....I was never so happy...Glad it was my buddy bike and not my RS.


Bonzai :)

I'd have to vote for my '88 XR600 that had been hopped up to a 628cc w/mid-range cam. It would cough and stall at the most in-opportune times - like in the middle of a corner (on the street - it was a DS) or at the bottom of a gully. It got the point where I would just take off my helmet and wait 10 minutes before even trying to start it.....


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