06 WR450 Radiators

Just after some information on what other yamaha model radiators will fit a 2006 WR450, will an 06 yz450 fit or 426, 250 fit 450 etc. Crunched mine on the weekend :D and have tried welding and straightened it but just to many differnet leaks and not really wanting to fork out $400+ for a new one, but just might have to bite the bullet and get one if i want to go riding. Have found some on ebay but they are always for a different model, any info would be appreciated.

The left and right side radiators for a 2006 WR450F are interchangeable with radiators on 2005 WR450F's, as well as 2003-2005 YZ450F's. Expensive parts!! Radiator guards are a cheap investment.

Thanks for the reply, will definetly be investing in some guards before it gets out of the shed for its next ride.


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