2007 Wr 450

I am looking for the best fitting / performing / looking handguards for my '07 - any pics or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want something that will bolt on easily without any modifications - I ride the trails in Michighan - lots of tree banging - so I need something sturdy. Thanks for your help

I'll give a little more direct input than the last guy.

I've been doing a lot of trail riding the last few years and have always had the Acerbis Rally Pro guards. I've found them to be pretty tough but there are a few things I don't like about them.

Acerbis molds the plastic around the end of the aluminum bar back to where it mounts to the end of the handlebar. Not that I've ever thrown them away for it, but sometimes they get wiped out and the piece of plastic hangs out a little and it looks like crap. Not generally a problem as far as the plastic coming completely off. They have enough molded around the aluminum bar around the front.

The operational issue that I do have with them though, is that they don't have a large enough shield for my knuckles. I like to turn the guards down a little to get some protection for the levers but that ends up leaving my knuckles exposed and I whack them on sticks and branches more than I would like.

The quick answer for that was a set of Fox Bomber gloves, but I consider that only a band-aid.

I've been looking at the Cycra Alloy Pro Bend because they seem to have a larger overall plastic piece to protect my knuckles and the levers. But I haven't tried them yet so I can't give you any feedback.

I hope you find what works for and keep the skin on your knuckles.


Acerbis are the best but a bit pricey, A friend had cheap handguards but the plastic was very brittle so after a fall the plastic that broke off had sharp edges. I have had mine on the floor a few times & even bent them after a heavy fall but easy to take off & bend back in to sharp without breaking the plastic. I suppose its a case of you get whast you pay for !!!


I have the same complaints as trailhead on the Rally Pro guards, just not enough hand protection. Twice I have dumped it and dented the aluminum in to were the clutch lever couldn't be pulled in and had to pound the dent out with a hammer. The cycra pro bends appear to have more clearance between the the lever and guard because there isn't a layer of plastic over the aluminum bar like the acerbis.

Enduro engineering. They bolt to the triple clamp instead of the bar. They do not twist when you fall over. Sorry no pics. They are not cheap.

Cycra Pro Bends all the way!!!!!!!!!!

CYCRA's are OK (I have a set) but any old school Moose barkbuster is just as good... focus on the mounts - if you want bar mounts I suggest the CYCRA universal mount but there are others that are the same design. The WR front brake hose banjo bolt always conflicts with bar mounts and does not allow you to turn down your front brake perch... the clutch suffers the same issue but not as bad, the "U" shaped clamps help to solve that to a degree... They have the triple clamp mounts but they bend, atleast the GYTR set I had did, they were soft Al... I think Flatland or some one else makes a set that mount to a specifically made top bar clamp...

Like I said, for me a guard is a guard as long as they don't spin or interfere with my controls. You can put the CYCRA hand shields on any guard and they can be bought separate just like the u mounts

Cycra Pro Bends FTW!!!

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