'07 450 Handguards

I am looking for the best fitting / performing / looking handguards for my '07 - any pics or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want something that will bolt on easily without any modifications - I ride the trails in Michighan - lots of tree banging - so I need something sturdy. Thanks for your help

I have a set of cycra probends on my 07 . I have dumped the bike quite a few times now and they have held up. I have the clamp on ones , if you hit hard with these they just turn on the bar . I think the tripple mount ones would bend in a crash .

I have Moose Racing Contour aluminum hanguards with blue Contour deflectors...Fit and look like factory equipment, very strong handguards and very flexible deflectors :D:worthy:

I also have the Cycra Probends with the bar mounts.


MSR handguards and shields here. Pretty happy with them the bar just doesn't bend and the shield is resistant to all kinds of tree branches and manzinita bushes.

The most popular handguards by far that we sell at the TT Store are the Cycra with Moose coming in second.

Cycra Pro-bend Racer Packs


You can replace the hand shields if you want a different style or color too

(click "next page" to see more options)

Moose Aluminum Handguards


The Moose ones come in different colors (silver or black) but DO NOT include the handshields. You have to buy them seperatly.

I can tell you what wont fit. cycra tripple clamp mounts. they don't fit and they bend easy if you make them fit. mine bent in the parking lot.

1. the cycra with the protaper u clamp fit and work good. I had to flip them. but they are solid.

2. cycra with AM-PRO hand guard mounts are super nice real nice (only avalible from zip ty, and you have to call them ), if I didn't already have the u clamps... its what I would run.


3. fastway... very nice mounting but the plastic is brittle.

keep in mind that you will most likely have to bend the guards to fit your bar. and you'll have to cut the throttle tube end off. or I use ODI grips which comes with a throttle tube with a cut end.

Ditto. In fact, I've tried several (not all) clamp-mounted versions and they twisted severely on minor impact. The bar-mounted ones do move on hard impact but it seems to be the best bet for my crashing needs.

I can tell you what wont fit. cycra tripple clamp mounts. they don't fit and they bend easy if you make them fit. mine bent in the parking lot.

I too had to get the grinder out to the side mount Cycra's. I had them on my DRZ first and they were rock solid... with many a tree to their name.

I haven't had any major crashes since I modified them to fit the WR, I'd be suprised tho if the amount I removed made a big difference... but I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later.

I used a set of Bike Bonz to mount my Cycras. WR Dave.


I don't have a pic of my mounts right now but I've been running these Acerbis's for 2yrs with lot's of abuse and no issues. I have the triple mounts and they mounted easy with no mods.


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