Wayne National Forest ride june 30 (SE Ohio)

Trying to organize an unofficial TT ride in Wayne national Forest on Sunday June 30 at 9:00am.

We are parking at the carbon Hill Rd parking area.

Directions from 33--take rt 595 West 3 miles to 278. Merge on 278 (S) travel 4-5 miles turn left on Carbon Hill Rd (rt county rd 24). Travel 4 miles, turn right into Parking lot designated for OHV.

You need a Wayne National Forest pass to ride (there's not a mandatory check but the fine is steep if you don't have one). Day passes as $5, season passes are $25. See your local bike shop or stop by the Sunoco station in Nelsonville for a pass. You also need a spark arrestor (never been checked) and a helmet.

We'll probably break into two groups to keep the fast riders up front and slow riders in back.

If you've never been here, now is the time to check it out!!

If you need more info, PM me.


check pm


I am not having very good luck this month. I broke my finger over the weekend, so I will not be able to make it on Sunday. Have fun and be careful.


I'm still planning on coming as long as my back's not still sore.Ole blue and myself parted company last week and i landed head first,stoved myself up pretty good.My neck and lower back are pretty sore,ole blue took a thrashing to but doing better than me lol.I'm feeling better everyday so i should be ready to go Sunday.

Would you mind if I posted this to the Cannondale forum? I noticed you didn't. I would like to get out there if I can find someone to make the trip with me. Probably drive out Saturday night and spend the night in a hotel.


[ June 25, 2002: Message edited by: C'dale136 ]


sure, the more the merrier! I thought I did post it on the exotic forum...maybe not.

Sean-Sorry to hear about your luck! We'll get together and ride in july. Oh, if you want to stop by sat evening (powell fireworks are easily seen from my yard) you are more than welcome. call me for new directions, the RR tracks are closed1

mcarp check your pm's

mcarp-barring a family emergency or a freak act of nature i'll be there.I have a couple of friend's that might come but don't know for sure yet,if they come i'll be in a new chevy crew cab dually with a white enclosed trailer,if i come myself i'll be in a red ford pickup. See ya Sun.

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