Remove rad for valve inspection WR400?

Guys, Maual states to remove rad for valve clearances, can it be done without draining coolant and removing rad?

Thanks Rob

dont have to on an "06 but the manual doesnt say to

No, you don't have to remove the rads on a WR400 to access your cams. I can't imagine why the manual would tell you it was necessary.

No need - even to get the right exhaust bucket off when checking shim sizes or replacing shims - at worst, you might have to unbolt the cable from the lever assy so you can turn the lever assy half a turn to access the bucket under it.

I would recommend removing the upper engine mount - it makes access easier.

They tell you it's necessary on pre'03 models because if the right exhaust valve clearance needs to be adjusted, the decomp shaft has to be removed. The truth is that most of the time you can get the shaft pulled back out far enough to do the job without removing the radiator.

thanks guys, saved me some time and hassle.


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