Husky flat tracker

Hall's is your Husky flat track connection

They used to have a pic of a 610 framed bike on the site, but not anymore.


Thanks. I'll give them a call.


Russ Fletcher is a local (Washington state in the USA) guy, 5 AMA Championship titles to his name and builds husky motors and flat track frames for local and national pros. I can get you his contact info if you need.

Thanks again for the great info guys!

I see a wonderful winter in my basement garage coming up:-)

And yes: if you have the contact info to mr Fletcher, that would be great!



I just remembered that the guys at Taskys have a flat tracker or two and several guys are way into it. I think they used the stock frame as well. Might contact them.

I actually have stock frame flattracker (we call them DTX bikes) for sale. It is a blast to ride and has a bunch of goodies on it.

That 68n bike was owned by Scott Scherb a former 883 national champion. The bike is sitting at Halls on the floor for sale. Scott still races some events but his kids are racing the GNC races. His son Merle is riding for Halls on the Huskies for his small bike program and the Harleys for the Big bike program.

Mine looks basically like the one above but I have the Ferracci Triple clamps.

Good Luck and have fun!

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