Seeking opinions on used bike price

Hello all, I am new to posting on this site but have been reading on here for a while. I came across a low hour 2004 YZ450F for sale that is in really good shape owned by an older rider that i am considering purchasing. The guy is firm on his price of $3,000 which he lowered from $3,400 I feel this is a little steep but the bike has low hours for it's age and it has some upgraded parts along with some xtra parts he is throwing in as well. This bike is in far better shape than the others i have looked at so i might go ahead with it but i would like input on what you people think! Thanks in advance

He may have to keep it for a while. I paid $3200 for an '06 with two rides on it a year California.

Keep looking. $3000 is too high.

I bought a brand new '06 in april for $4500, the used bike market is really soft right now, I think that price is a little high.

Hold out, you can do better than that. This winter is going to be hard on some bike owners.

I bought my 06 yz450 for $2700 & i thought that was a good price..

He may have to keep it for a while. I paid $3200 for an '06 with two rides on it a year California.

Keep looking. $3000 is too high.

Yeah but bikes are cheap in california....

Quite the opposite, actually. California tends to be a somewhat overpriced market, compared with other parts of the country.

there is a night and day difference between the 04s and 06s. Go for an 06, you should be able to find one for around 3K.

Thanks for the replies keep em coming! :D

I paid $1600 for a fair condition 04 YZ450f. It needs new plastics and it will be all new again. Motor is running strong and haven't had any real issues, other than a little jetting issue that I resolved pretty quickly, thanks to help from Grey.

I agree $3000 is too high.

Thanks for the replies keep em coming! :D

You are looking at a 2004 Yamaha YZ 450F Four Stroke Dirt Bike.

This was bought brand new in August 2004. Bike is in mint condition. The bike is very mechanically sound and adult owned and ridden. I am very meticulous, when it comes to bike maintenance and changing the oil after every ride. The bike has only 15 hours on it. The last two years the bike made it out of the trailer only 4 times, do to a busy schedule working at the Fire Department. The engine and top end has never been taken apart. Bike comes with Pro-Taper Handlebars, Boyesen Quick Shot Accelerator Pump, Excel rims, OMS Suspension, and everything else is stock. This bike is ready to take a cruise through the woods or hit the race track.

I am also selling or can sell with the bike a White Brothers Pro Carbon Exhaust Pipe and a Rekluse Z-Start Automatic Clutch.

Worthington, OH

2700.00 OBO

or this one:

That looks great clutchless but I am in North Fl. I know somehow it says Indiana under my screen name. You want to meet halfway?

I bought my 04 Brand new with a wrapper still on the seat in 2006 for $3000...$3000 for a used one is too much in the USA, in Canada that's about right.

I'll sell you my bike...check it out :D

NADA guide is saying $2555.00 so unless the aftermarket parts are worth the difference to me $3,000 is off a bit.

.........Update....... I offered the seller 2800.00 and he declined so i guess he really loves the bike and i will keep looking:bonk:

I guess he dosn't really want to sell it. I see it on craigslist around here all the time.

The reality is, no matter how good a condition it is in, it is a 2004. Good condition 2006's sell for around $3K.

Keep looking, also check out ebay, just make sure you go with somebody who has solid feedback.


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