Starter Shaft problem

I've got a 2005 wr 450. The starter is new as well as the torque limiter.

The problem I am having is that the splines on the starter shaft will not mesh with the teeth on the torque limiter. It just spins on the teeth of the limiter and makes a horrible metal to metal sound.

Any ideas or special techniques to get this thing meshed.

I just don't know what else could be causing this problem.:D



How are the bushings that the torque limiter sits in? Or maybe a cracked cover? What caused you to have to replace the motor and limiter?

I bought the bike used. Whoever had it last had it jetted way too lean. The bike would flame out and be really hard to start. The brushes in the original starter were toast and the had dead spots.

I think whoever had the bike last really abused the starter. You can see wear on the torque limiter teeth.

I just can't seem to get the torque limiter closer to the starter shaft so that the teeth will mesh.

I have wondered about the case but it fits perfect. However, it is the only other variable that I have not replaced.

Thanks for your help,


Are you sure it's spinning free at the torque limiter? You also may have a bad starter clutch. I would pull the cover and have a look at the starter clutch and the flywheel/magneto. If it's been running lean it's probably been backfiring alot and may have either destroyed the starter clutch or sheared the bolts off that hold it to the flwheel. That was real common on the '03 models though not a common problem on an '05. None the less I'd take a look at it.

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