Cycra or Moose/EE handguards

I am looking at Cycra and Moose/EE handguards. Anybody want to share their recent experiences with these? Which would you pick and why? The questions that I am asking myself are:

1. Which one has a larger hand pocket?

2. Which one has a more durable/adjustable mount to a standard bar?

3. Which one has more durable plastic?

I've used both. I like the Cycras best, but use the Moose/MSR/Enduro Engineering now. I have a problem with the Cycra mounting system. I'm talking about the ones that attach to the bars, not the triple clamp. The link that makes mounting the Cycras a joy is also the weak link (the piece between the gaurd and the clamp). It's made from a soft aluminum and breaks or stretches real easy.

I've busted more links than I care to admit. During a race that's a bad thing because it leaves the gaurd attached only at the end of the bar and can flop around. If they don't bust the bolt hole gets enlongated and the piece is still toast. Cycra sells them for $10 each and you will want spares if you go with the Cycra's.

For those reasons I now use the EE gaurds. If you chose a Cycra system that mounts to the triple clamp the above is a mute point. The Cycra Probends are the most comfy set I've used. But I have to buy my own so I pass on the Cycra's these days.

Does anybody else have some info that I can over analyze? Anybody...

Buy the EE versions. According to them, they make the guards for MSR and Moose. They're cheaper, just as strong and the plastic roost deflectors are much tougher.

My buddy spend a ton on the curved units from Cycra and I bought the EE version. First day out he tweaked them so bad we had to go back to the truck and bend it back. I bent mine eventually as well but they have held up very well.

With the money you save, you can keep overanalyzing this over a couple of good beers. :)

I thought YZAbuser's comments were interesting, I was going to tout the much more adaptable Cycra mounting system, I did twist them a bit from time to time but never had the problems that he described. But I've been running the Triple Clamp mounts (will work w/ both Pro Bends or the "normal" Moose/Fredette/EE types) for a few years now and will never go back. Even though they can also be bent, it is a much more secure setup than the bar mounts (either the rigid Moose/EE mounts or the Cycra mounts w/ the extra pivot).

1. Which one has a larger hand pocket?

2. Which one has a more durable/adjustable mount to a standard bar?

3. Which one has more durable plastic?

1. Cycra sells a small and large hand shield. The large size is almost identical to the Moose/EE hand shield. Either handshield will fit on either bark buster though so this is moot.

2. I guess the Cycra may well be less durable, but it is surely the more adjustable of the two.

3. No difference.

As for the Pro Bends vs. the straight or "normal" EE/Moose version, I do notice the outside of my hand rubbing slightly on the straight bars. The Pro Bends are more expensive but to me that extra cost is worth the extra room they give.

I'm sure you could use EE mounts on Cycra bars and vice versa. If you want a strong setup that you can install and forget about, that won't bend or rotate out of place in all but the nastiest of spills you need to get some GYT-R or Cycra Triple Clamp mounts. The only thing to determine whether to get Cycra or EE for the Al pieces themselves is whether or not you prefer the Pro Bends, I suppose the only way to do that is sit on or ride a bike with Pro Bends, then ride a bike w/ straight guards.

Hope this helps.

Here's another hand guard to analyze, the Fastway F.I.T system. They use the patented Cycra bend with their own triple clamp mount. Check them out >HERE< These are at the top of my list right now.

Hey Hick, I run the cycras with the tclamp mount and get a lot of vibration now through my handlebars.

Did you notice this?


I did experience heavy vibration with my Renthals and then removed the guards to make sure. Sure enough the vibration was reduced. Then I bent my bars and decided to try Pro-Tapers. Now vibration is almost non-existant. I'll be putting the Cycras back on this spring for some HS's. Hope it better!


I run renthal RC bend fat bars cut down an inch on each side with a pro taper top t clamp.

I was thinking about trying to integrate a rubber mount into the t-clamp mount to try to isolate the vibes, but maybe that is too personal...

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