Bad headshake at higher speed?

Any ideas on what could cause headshake all the sudden? I had the bike parked for about 3 months or so. I took it out the other day and as soon as I got up into 4th and 5th it started in with a violent headshake. I mean nerve wracking bad. It only does it in softer stuff. On road and hard pack it is fine. I never had this problem before I parked the bike and have not changed anything as far as suspension goes.

Take a quick look at the steering head nut, if it loosen up it can cause bad head shake in certain conditions. While you at it, check to see if the steering head dampens out after an input. With the bike on the stand, gently push the bars to rotate the steering head, if it keeps going to the stop, it's too loose.

I've had this happen several times to me over the years, it happens gradually but isn't always noticed until it's bad. If that's the case, set it and loctite the top nut. Hope it's that simple.

Thanks for the tip Marty. I checked the head nut and it was tight. When you say check the dampening on the stand, you mean I should just lightly push the bars one way or the other and it should not freely (easily) go until it hits the stops? I haven't checked that, but if it does what would that tell me? Maybe bearing?

YZ450 and head shake go hand and hand, get a dampener if its too bad. The best solution iv found is lean back and PIN IT!

I like that solution :lol: and that was what I was trying but it doesnt really help. As soon as I am in 4th and 5th wide open the bike gets really nervous. Its just weird because all the sudden its really bad. Before there was some but nothing like it is now and like I said it just happened all the sudden after I had it parked for a while. I might just start playing around with the suspension and see if it helps out at all.

I get head shake when I go a click or 2 in on my compression on my front suspension and don't slow down my rebound to compensate, you may just need to slow down your rebound a click or 2. Have you relieved the pressure in your front suspension lately?

Sounds good. I will try messing with it and see what happens. No I have never relieved the pressure :lol: Do you just do that thru those bleeders? Honestly I really don't know anything about suspension except for the real basics..

What you might try, since you say this occurred after a period of non-use, it to inflate the front tire to about 60 psi and park it in the sun on a stand, or off the bike, for a couple of days. The tire may have "taken a set". If it was on a stand the whole time it sat, this probably won't help.

It could be your front wheel bearings going bad. Thats what mine did. Couldn't really notice it going slow but the faster you go the worse it gets.

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