15-46 WR450F 2006 gearing

Is the 15-46 gearing too tall for the bike? I mainly do dual sport rides and to me the 200mile trips are killing me around a vibratious 60-70mph. Id love to have it purr along at that speed with much less vibrations.

how badly will the gearing affect ridability in the sand? Im usually in 3rd gear anyways but sometimes 2nd is needed.. will i still be able to do those kind of things in 2nd and 3rd?

Bike still has throttlestop and the AIS.

I have my 05 WR450 geared 15-47 for the street and it does pretty well. Even so, it doesn't exactly purr along at 70 mph. The vibes will still put your hands to sleep after 30 mins or so. I'd actually like to go a bit taller, but can't find anything between 47 and 42 teeth for the rear.

I took a trip this last spring in which I did three 300+ mile days and managed it ok. I just had to stand up a lot of the time.

Offroad, the gearing is a bit high for anything technical, but I would think sand riding would definitely be doable. I'd say 15-46 is definitely worth it. I can't imagine goind 70 mph with the stock gearing.

i agree , the stock gearing is way too short.

Marshal Giles , what seat do you have on your bike? What are your service intervals like?

loose the throttle stop . it wont help for vibs but you will be happyer .

I have 15/48 on mine, and it makes it better for on road cruising but it's not as fun as as stock gearing off road, makes it feel underpowered. (maybe im just getting too use to it)

just bought a 15 front.. hope it will help...

Marshal Giles , what seat do you have on your bike? What are your service intervals like?

I still have the stock seat, hence the reason I had to stand up much of the time on my trip. I've never thought about getting a softer seat, actually.

I change the oil at about 500-700 miles.

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