Chain guide question...

So my chain guide (on the underside of the swing arm near the rear sprocket) has totally worn through. I went to my trusty dealer (the only one that had the part in stock), and it runs around $47 for the metal portion and another $34 for the rubber/plastic piece that fits inside. They're both gone, so I bought both pieces, then noticed a slick looking one in Rocky Mtn MC for only $35 (both pieces). Has anyone used the "Fredette" chain guides before? They don't look quite as solid, but I can buy two for the price of one Yamaha part, and they come in blue metal. (page 160 in RMMC catalog). If anyone has any experience with the Fredette chain guide let me know please.



I've got one of these Fredettes on my bike (I think they are also marketed under MSR and Moose) and its WAY better than stock. And as you mentioned cheaper.

Other benefits of the Fredette:

Its wider than stock so it wont rub on you master link pins and wear off the keeper (this happend to me twice when i was running the stocker)

The wear block is reversable (and much tougher) and when it finally does wear down you can flip it over and use the other side. Not to mention it is replaceable too. (VERY CHEAP to replace the wear block)

Take that stocker back to the dealer!

Fredette must have improved his guide. They were narrow and the chain sawed them sideways with a little slack. The width is the most important thing with good wear blocks. Most guides were too narrow for 'O' ring chain at one time.

Go with the Mo recommendation

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