Clutch Slipping with some noise 426

I raced the Wild Horse national enduro yesterday when i noticed a sound (kinda like a chain slipping around a sprocket) only when the terrain was extremely technical and i was feathering the clutch a lot in first gear with a lot of gas. Wide open it seemed fine and i didnt notice any slipping or noise in any gear. It is not the chain and sprockets because they were brand new and the slack adjusted correctly. I can only think it is the clutch because i have never changed it before. I thought that you would only feel the clutch slip and not hear any noises when the clutch is fried. Any advice would be appreciated. Oh ya is a 2000 YZ426.

Also i feel the power slip when the noise happens.

Well, I was wrong. Under further investigation, it seems that my drive chain is making the noise, but it is because the clutch engagement is a "chattery" one. I have never felt this before and i have owned the bike for over 5 years, im the second owner and i have never replaced the clutch. I think this is normal from some of the other posts i have read on here about the 2000 model. Might be worth it doing the 01 clutch mod. Thanks for all your input and help everyone. (ya right)

I just had to rebuild my 426FM its prety tits now. What was originally wrong was i heard a little random chatter that sounded like my clutch basket was going out. i also thought it could have been a valve, or possibly my cam chain.. what it actually turned out to be was a drive gear. about 3 teeth (a piece of pie i call it) broke off and was chattering around in my case. It still ran fine, but i knew something was wrong... if you want to see a pic of the broken gear let me know ill go dig it out

i also had broken 2 teeth off of the crank on the right side. that wasnt cheap. as i couldnt find an aftermarket one. i had to go oem.. 450 dollars. at the time i worked at a kawasaki dealer. i got a deal cost=20% from a sister yamaha dealer

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