Anyone have a stock exhaust sitting around?

I crashed hard out in death valley 4 days ago and bent my old exhaust in 3 places. Not fixable.

Anyhow, i figured since most of you guys went aftermarket, you would have a stock enhaust just sitting in your garage.

If anyone would like to sell their old pipe, please contact me at

Or call me at (831) 479-7126

Thanks so much :)


I have the original header and muffler off of my 99WR 400f. The headpipe still has the heatshield on it. Make me a reasonable offer and it will probably end up on your bike rather than leaning against the wall in my shop. Let me know. Jim

Will that header fit on the 426?

If so, i'll buy the header.

Just so you know, I've got a stock WR can and head pipe sitting around if your still looking. I know the header will fit the 426 cuz I put one on my bike from an 02 426. I just did that for the bend and the fact the 400 headpipe interfers with the oil filter when changing it. The 426 just has a straighter bend to it that cures that problem. Everything else is the same. Same mounting points, same lenghts, etc...

Cool! I'm now a bronze member!!!

Just let me know how much you want for the head pipe.

Shipping should be around 10 bucks or so and thats overnight :)

I'll be in Reno superbowl weekend, but can't wait that long its been over 2 weeks since I rode and i'm getting withdrawls and feel like i'm already out of shape.

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