426 specs VS 400 specs

I have used this site and found a lot of info for setting up a WR400, but little set up for my 426. Now maybe I just need to look harder, but my question is this.

I see most people are running around a 158MJ and running a DMM needle, on a WR400. My 2002 WR426 came stock with a 165MJ and a DRR needle. Service manual does not list a DMM needle for the 426. Do I want to go with 400 specs, or do I have a different beast?

The reason for the quest is a choking in nuetral, when snaping from idle to 3/4 throttle. I have removed the sprak arrestor, ripped off the air box top, and removed the throttle stop. The bike is a monster when just running from idle to half throtle.

I would rather be looking at it, then looking for it.



I would bet the jetting should be very similar given similar mods.

But I'm not sure I agree most people are running the jetting you mentioned. It's all over the board..

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