07/08 Footpegs

I just ordered a set of Pivot Pegz for my 07 and noticed the part numbers for the 07 and 08 are different on the Pivot Pegz web site. I checked with Yamaha-motor and sure enough the OEM part numbers for the two years are also different. Anyone know what's different?

I think I saw somwhere that they changed the mount on the 08's . I know all the older 4-stroke 250-450 pegs fit a 07 wr . I have a set of titanium pegs from a 05 yz 450 on my 07 wr450 ,I forget who made my pegs

wierd. I got fastway pegs on my 08. the fastway pegs fit 1998 to 2008 WR or YZ

It may be just a yz change. I've been looking around and there are quite a few venders that include the 08's in their list. so it must just be a size differance or the style

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