Can you help dial me in?

I was hoping that someone might be able to help me get my '02 WR426F running right.

I am running a White Bros E Series w/ quiet core 2 & 12 discs, removed the airbox lid, cut gray wire, yz throttle stop.

The carb: stock needle position, 170 main, 2 turns out on screw.

My bike starts & idles perfect! My problem is at 3/4+ throttle when it starts to pop.

I assume that I need a larger main, but how much larger?

(My home in SoCal is @ approx 1000 feet)

Any suggestions would be great!


Wetfoot, If you search using Jetting Qs without an ' you will get tons of info. It will take some time but you will find the same bike at similiar elevations and see what they have done. Most people go to an E taper needle once the baffle, air box and throttle stop mods are done. E taper requires a smaller main jet that the stock D taper needle. I think the stock main is 165 so 170 should be better with the mods and stock needle. I would move the needle up one clip and see what happens. With an E needle you might end up with a 165 main. Happy hunting

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