what's the best 85?

i know this has been asked and discussed before, but i'd like to see all of this information on 1 thread.

what's the most reliable?

more towards trail riding?

most racey/most high end?


best handling?

best suspension?

I know all 85's are for racing, but would just like to compare and contrast all of these specs for all. it won't help much if people only owned/have ridden 1 of them and respond by saying they love it.

which ones are more beginner oriented and which are for more agressive riders?

yamaha, honda, suzuki, or kawasaki?


I do not have experience with 85's, but with all of the info I have gotten from friends with 85's, this is how I would rate the 4 85's.

1. Yamaha

2. Honda

3. Kawasaki

4. Suzuki(Nobody I know has a Suzuki, So I guess I will put it here, just because I don't know much about it)

Have you read the Mini Rider 85 Shootout? I have never ridden an 85. I always wanted one, but not anymore now that I'm big enough for big bikes. Here is some info according to Mini Rider:

The KX85 is more beginner oriented. The YZ85 has a lot of top end. Supposedly the RM85 has really good bottom and top. The CRF150R has much different power characteristics since it is a four stroke. The KX85 was considered the best for off road. The KTM 85SX has a roomier cockpit, which would make it more comfortable for bigger riders. This is how they rated the bikes:

1. CRF150R-Best race bike

2. RM85-Best two stroke

3. KX85-Best off road

4. YZ85-Most aggressive

This info is from Mini Rider, not me. I'm just giving general information. :D

this is combined between my brain and a magazine i read

yamaha - best

honda - all top end but still good choice

kawasaki - girly motor

suzuki - small

ktm - bad suspension

crf150r - cheating

this is combined between my brain and a magazine i read

yamaha - best

honda - all top end but still good choice

kawasaki - girly motor

suzuki - small

ktm - bad suspension

crf150r - cheating

Went riding with my friend today, he has a KX85, let me ride it. Has no low-end/bottom-end power, being someone who never rode a two stroke before, kind of weird(doing wheelies kind of weird because it is a small bike and I am 5' 11"), but after a while, it got pretty fun, learned how to ride a two-stroke:thumbsup: (your all probably laughing)

Anyway, I agree, the YZ85 is the best 85...all the magazines say it is for the most aggresive/advanced rider.

out of 85's id pick a any colour

this is combined between my brain and a magazine i read

yamaha - most top end least bottom end - most aggressive

honda - all top end but still good choice

kawasaki - most mellow of the bunch, makes a good offroad bike

suzuki - small, good spread power

ktm - Fastest out of the box (from what i've heard)

crf150r - cheating - agreed...lol


I have owned and still own several super minis I am 36 years old and ride at the southern cal tracks. I have been modding and riding super minis for a while.

I have had kxs, yzs,rms,and crs All newer bikes here is the really truth And just so you no I am a honda and yamaha guy. There for what I say is not because I am 15 and that is what I bought. Most of the posts here are what people own not because they have bought them all and modded each and rode on a track.

The Rm 85 (05 or newer) is the bike It has a power valve. I sprung a rm85l for my weight put tall bars on it new tires,a big bore kit( it was still the better motor in the 85 class before I did this) a vortex ignition. And I pass fast riders on big tracks. Most pull off before they get passed by me on my mini.

You can find rm85 s in good shape used for cheap it will be the best bang for the buck for trail riding becayse of the power valve. Its the only mini with one.

Honda (05 or newer) Great bike built good will never have the low end to mid that the rm has do to the power valve. The best built. Bike feels good for bigger rider pegs are up higher than on the rm which makes it a little tight for bigger riders. Reed case is in the cylinder unlike the yamaha with is a reed case motor. The honda is more of a top end motor , harder to stay on the pipe. Made for racing more than trail riding

Yz I like the way yz handle the motor is good the frame is good. Its small feeling. Built good. No low end compared to the rm but better than the Cr.

Kx good bike did not care for it much.

1 rm85

2 cr85

3 yz85

4 kx85

The only mini that has a power valve is the rm that is why its the best for what you are doing

aight , im on a cr85 heres what i got to say. NOT a trail riding bike kuz it has NO low end power and 1.35 gal tank. and once again NO LOW END POWER ONLY TOP. the yz i here is just all around good. and the rm and kx are last choices. id go w/ a yz first then a cr.

best all around-rm85

best "on the pipe" yz85

trail oriented-rm85

best susp.-rm85


good solid bike-cr85


We did a side by side comparison of the 2005 YZ85 and the 2005 RM85

Both are outstanding bikes, but we went with the RM85 for my son. I think the Power Valve is what makes the difference. It just seems to be faster in the corners and into the straight aways.

i dont no why every1 thinks the kx 85 is craap, and it does have a powervalve!

i loved my kx85! it flew... till i did a rebuild with a dodgy wiseco or other sucky brand piston and it siezed :thumbsup:

Kawi all the way

The 07 KX 85 that I have has a power valve. I hope your experience with big bores can help me. I am having problems with the 105 super mini bore in my sons kx 85 it has scored two pistons on the intake side. The jetting I used is the standard kx 100 jetting for the first piston and after the cylinder was redone for a second time I richened the main jetting form 138 to 145, the jet needle was left in the third position due to constant flooding. I have since heard from a reputable modder that this size bore kit will not work on the kx 85. Please offer any insight you can and also any additional mods that my help the bore work.

I dunno why everybody rags on the CR, I raced trails with it and it was fine. I did add a fww, though: the motor was violent and hard edged without it. I'll admit, it had no low end power, but mid was strong and top-end/overrev was awesome. It seemed as though the power never signed off on top. Just a quick slip of the clutch to romp over a log. The suspension never did anything funky, always performed well. I noticed the seat is nice and soft and never sacked out. I rode a KX100 once with no fww, and I rediscovered just how hard a small bore two stroke hits. Dang! When you do buy one, fine tune the jetting to your liking, because a good motor can be a bad motor if the carb is not jetted right.

We've owned each of these 85's and I'd say the....

RM. p/v'ed engine has good bottom end as does the top. Turns better than any other my BEST pick for trails

KX. also P/V'ed but needed suspension (pro action) work and it did great/ 2mm over bore made a tractor

YZ good engine and suspension/ did good on the trails but better mx bike

Cr also good overall mx bike. got hot in the trails (clutch was not getting enough oil/ drill extra oiling holes in the basket...fixed)

fender bender,, what was ur personalfavourite and why??

The RM 85. With just a little work it is the fastest and turns best of all.

Of course if you suck at turning so will it...

From what i have heard the RM85 is the best 85.

But i ride a CR85 and it has so much bottom end, if you carry your rpm's so high into a corner its unreal!

From what i have heard the RM85 is the best 85.

But i ride a CR85 and it has so much bottom end, if you carry your rpm's so high into a corner its unreal!

what mods do you have to give a CR85 bottom end? honestly jw because I dont see how a 85 with no power valve has bottom end? my rm85 doesnt even have bottom end. again, jw

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