Help. Need 2006 WR450 Graphics

Where can I find 2006 WR450 graphics? Does the 2003-05 YZ450 graphics fit the WR? Does the 2003-05 YZ250 graphics fit the 2006 WR? I do not mind if I have to do a little trimming. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


I was wondering the same thing. I bet someone can help us on this.:D


the yzf tank and shroud graphics will fit, but the seat cover will not, i have yzf 03-05 graphics on my wr they are one industries

Just put some FLU graphics on my 06 WR last week, came up a treat, very minor triming.

Thanks for the info. The FLU graphics are much more of what I was looking for. I do not need the seat cover, yet. $99 bucks is not that bad for everything you get. Thanks again.



Picture of the new FLU Graphics on my bike, repacking the muffer at the moment expaining why it isnt on the bike.

The FLU looks good. Is that seat cover the original or the one that came with the FLU graphics. The FLU pictures show a black seat cover. Just curious.

The one industries graphics without the aqua blue, the w???12 item number will now be available until March 2009 per one industries. It is pretty cool as well and does not have to be purchased with a seat cover therefore not as expensive.


Who's frame guard is that on your bike? I need one but they always seem so expensive for a piece of alumium. Thanks.


I got mine from SCR graphics. They take forever to get though:bonk:



Picture of the new FLU Graphics on my bike, repacking the muffer at the moment expaining why it isnt on the bike.

these bikes are so heavy

I have a tough time getting mine on a stand

Your bike looks real good.I like those frame guards too

here is my 05 (same as 06 i think) graphics are from ringmaster, very impressesed on the finish and way they stick and hold up to washing and carnage, good sort. look factory like aswell if thats what your after


MaxPower, it's all technique.

Stand on the left side of the bike near the kick stand. Place the bike stand on the other side of the bike. Now tip the bike onto the kickstand towards you, balancing it on the kick stand. Now reach over the bike and tip the bike stand under the bike. Now tip the bike up and away from you, placing it up on the stand.

It's really easy to do by yourself once you get the technique down.

Seat cover is still the original one, is still in good nick, will keep the FLU black one as a spare...

Frame guards are from B&B Offroad Engineering in Australia...

Thanks for the comments.

agreed the stock gripper seat cover 04 onwards is a good unit, no need to change it

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