WR450F 2003 Electric Starter Motor dead!

Hello everybody,

I have just joint your community today (sorry for my broken English).

I have a huge problem on my WR450F manufactured in 2003: I have broken the Electric Starter Motor.

A few monts ago I read in this forum a topic concerning the faulty Electric Starter motor of the MY2003, but I couldn't find it anymore.

However, I know that I have to replace it with a new one manufactured at least from 2004, as Yamaha should have solved the problem (hopfully), or reparing the current one (I heard some people in Italy has used some Kimko scooter Electric motor and adapt it).

I would like to know from you a company name and address where I can buy a New Electric Starter Motor. There is a huge list in the forum but I'm not able to choose the right products... I'm useless on technical matters..

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

I enclose a picture of my byke.



<a  href=immagine018ab7.jpg' alt='immagine018ab7.


You should try to find a company close to you that rebuilds automobile or outboard engine (for boats) starter motors. They should be able to tell you if they can rebuild your motor. If not, the next problem is finding an American company, (I assume that you want to buy in the United States to take advantage of the strong Euro and the weak Dollar), that will ship parts to Italy. The American part number for the 2003 WR450F starter motor is 5TJ-81890-00-00. This part number was superseded by part number 5TJ-81890-20-00. This newer part number is for the 2006 WR450F. All of the starters from 2003-2006 are interchangeable. I found one discounted price for you, it is $256.79 at www.motogrid.com. You should DEFINITELY shop for prices on the Internet. Try the parts store here on Thumpertalk, look at the top of this page.


The Thumpertalk store does have the late model starter motor, 5TJ-81890-20-00 in their parts list. The price is $192.28. They ship to international addresses also. Check them out.

Baja e Thumper,

thank you so much for your precious information.

I'm buying it in USA because it's cheaper.

At the moment I have contact the e-bay seller for international shipment, I I will not win the auction I will by a new one from Thumpertalk forum.


Thank you again.


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