Needle`s,what do you guys think!

I have tried a lot of different settings on my carb (01 wr 426 yz timing lid off,bk mod,fmf Q full system)what i would like to know is what you all think of EJP needle,i have found the OBDQR needle will give me good bot-mid range power but seem`s too lack top end,have tried a DQQ but i just don`t like it!.I run at 0-1000ft,temp -5 +20c(on a good day!)was wondering what you guys think of the yz needles,i find that a 175 main can give me good top end but i need to drop the needle way down (DQR) for sake of tthe bot-mid range,i have a big combo of PJ,PAS,MJ,MAJ i can try but i am now looking at yz parts,have read a lot of the old jetting Qs,the bike runs good but i would kinda like to get it spot on,i can appreciate most folks heads are buzzin`from all the questions on jetting,but from what i have read i can see there are a lot of you guys who know what you are on about,any help on how one needle is in relation too another (richer-leaner)would be great.


I dont usually post on jetting as a rule because there is too much conflict but because nobody has replied to you i will give you a starting point, try the OBELN needle on clip #3 with a 165 main jet.

Blue beast,thank you for having the courage to jump in the pool!,i will take note of your recomendation,thanks man.Any of you other guys made any new finds?

I concur....I just changed to the OBELN on clip #3 and it makes a BIG difference. Running a 168 MAIN but may try some tweaking here or there just for fun, especially with the pilot circuit. May try the YZ spec to see if it makes any difference....Overall, the OBELN rules though!!

Yeah, it all sounds good. I have a similar setup, elevation and temperature and had also switched to a DQQ which wasn't drawing enough fuel at WOT. I am also switching to a OBEKN which is only half a clip leaner than the OBELN and is available from your Yamaha dealer; part #5JG-14916-EN (listed under YZ250F needle options)...

Check out this needle chart.

The "E" 1.0 degree taper usually requires a main jet about 7 numbers smaller than with a "D" 0.75 degree taper needle...

Dominator,thanks for the info especially the needle link,now i can write down the different dimensions of each needle and try and get a bit more insight into what goes on with them.Not got such good weather for riding just now so i thought this may be a good time to get some info on what to try next!,i wonder if maybe we live in the same kind of climate,i find it a bit of a waste to go buying jets/needles which only get used a few times then get left in a tin,soon mounts up to a few pounds worth!,but at the same time i like to be able to get the best power out of the bike,just hope i can find it soon without having to amass a collection of parts i will never use again!


The EKN needle (usually at position #3) has been succesful in low elevations for similarly tuned and uncorked 426's and is now in common use...The straight portion (low throttle openings) of the EKN is 2 sizes smaller (richer) than the DQQ, but it draws fuel from an approximately 7 numbers smaller main fuel jet. I have to wait at least till end of March to test it myself. Try a search on "EKN" and "ELN"...

Thanks dominator,i have put an order in for some parts,including the EKN,so i hope to do some more tests when the weather is better!,i will let you know what i think when i get a feel of the new parts,so with a little luck this will be before march,so i can maybe return the favour and let you know how i get on with them!.Thanks for your help and time dominator,regards,the captain.

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