Choke button glitch


The choke on my 99 YZ400 wont stay out. It will stay out for a sec, but as soon as the bike lights up it snaps shut. My buddy's 98 wr400 does the same thing only his wont stay out at all. Is it just the choke shaft or is there some thing else that is causing this.

I saw that the choke assy is only like $15 but I dont know if this is the problem. Any ideas?

Also what is the best bar mounted hot start unit. My stock one took a poop. If I am replacing it I might as well upgrade it.


I have a 99 YZ and although I haven't looked at this one, the choke on some of my two strokes have done this. There are four plastic fingers that drop into a slot in the shaft. Take the choke off and wrap the smallest zip-ty you can find around those fingers. I did this mod on my KX 250 two years ago and when I sold it, it still was working great. I also did this mod on a buddys 2000 ktm. Try it, it may work.

What plastic fingers ya talkin about? I was just lookin at the choke assy on the net and I dont see any fingers

click here for choke picture

Its Item #35 on the diagram

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Yzman, look under the rubber boot on yours. Like I said I haven't had mine off but the two smokes have them. Look under the boot and see if they are the same. Hope this helps. I wasn't sure. I haven't had mine off and I am at work so I don't have it in front of me. I looked at the parts diagram and they don't show it there. They do show the whole assembly though. Good luck.

I took mine off after drowning the whole bike is a clay slurry (long story) and the clay got in both the hot start and choke buttons and froze them. I pulled them out, clean them off with carb cleaner, and put them back in. They would not stay out until they were firmly finger tight. As I wrenched (lightly) on them, the 'snap' to stay in was more pronounced.

Tighten it up, 14mm open end on mine.

Good luck,


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