Just bought another 08....

Well I have over 100 hours on the meter on my 08 450 so I was playing on ebay last night and I saw a buy it now for 5300.00 on a blue one. I offered him 5200.00 and shipping is 295.00 so for 5495.00 I have another 08 on the way. I might add that my current 08 has never had valves move. Its still on stock clutch etc. This bike has been amazing. I am gonna keep my current 08 for a practice bike and just race the new one. 2 out of last 3 races with over 20 entries I have pulled holeshot, she still runs really strong. GODBLESS YAMAHA. This all comes after my best friend just got 2 free 09 honda 450s for Sx this year. I spent some time on the 09 honda this week. But it didnt make me switch. The 09 didnt make ebough changes to go that route for yamaha. Thanks YAMAHA for a great bike.

Congrats on the repeat purchase, haha :D. Would be interesting to hear what you thought of the 09 CRF though.

Well Im not gonna knock the 09 crf because alot of it is Im just not used to it. But What I get out of it is if you are gonna ride Fuel Injection you need to have all your bikes with it. Its very sensitive and say last 5 mins of a moto if you are getting tired or pumped up there is no room for error when you twist that baby. The bike really didnt seem any faster than my bike. Its is very smooth like a yamaha almost has that electric feel. I got some headshake at times but then again suspension was way off.

I thought it was funny that last year everyone was praising the Honda's engine talking about how powerful it is. Now this year the rave has been how smooth Honda's engine is. Smooth is another word for Yamaha.


I get the impression, as I did when rickk made similar comments, that the CRF now has a rather ON/OFF character as you open the throttle, instead of the nice, linear feel I get from my YZF's. Is that what you are saying, or is it more a matter of grabbing a handful and having that respond more quickly than you're used to?

You guys know I love my 08 YZ450. I did some RHC mods to get some extra ponies, ENZO did the susp, and I love the bike. Handles very well susp is awesome. I own an RHC modded 06 honda 450 also, FC works susp, 58hp....and I HATE that bike. It wears me out, handles OK IMO, feels heavy, blah blah. Liked my yamaha WAY WAY better.

I bought an 09 450 honda. Guys I am not joking when I say this, I like it better than the yamaha. But the crazy part is how many similarities I see in the chassis and stuff when looking at the bike. The front motor mounts, the susp, the stock silencer, the geometry. Riding the bike its very similar to my yamaha as well. The motor is very smooth and linear, the bike feels very much like the power application from my yami, no more chug chug type feel from the honda. Heres why I like the honda better, and if youre an A or B rider on the yamaha you will understand.

Turning with the yamaha is great, but as everyone thats hauling ass knows it will push a little in the turn(I always felt this was overexaggerated by users, I thought the push was very controllable and stable), and often takes some back and forth steering input to get it to go where you want. Nearly everytime I exit a turn on the yamaha its on a different line. I am tall, and have to concentrate on leaning back on the bike to get a neutral positioning to make the bike hook better, allowing me to carry more corner speed without washing.

Get on the 09 honda, and the turn exit problems are gone. Not only does this bike feel as light (maybe even lighter) than my yamaha, the front does not push at all with my riding style, I can make this bike go wherever I want exiting a turn while im on the gas hard. I love how the power is very similar to my yamaha, and the suspension now has the same characteristics as my yami. I havent got a ton of seat time on the honda, but like I said this was my automatic impression after riding. Im sure Im gonna be able to find faults with this bike, but I havent even got my susp back from ENZO for the 09 and I can imagine its going to be even better as it was night and day on my yami.

One thing though, my yamaha has over 200 hours, never moved a valve, and still puts down 53rwhp with the RHC piston in it. I will be looking into the 2010 yamaha for sure.


the 09 honda is sweet - It handles great, it is smooth and it feels way different than any yzf between the legs. The motor is deceptively smooth...almost 350ish IMO. But more importantly, I a leary of the 1st edition EFI as well as the 1st version EFI programmer and the software that comes with it. No offense to anyone that has one...enjoy it. But I feel the better route will be to wait one more year...then the same issue will be apparent with a EFI YZF...so not much gained unless green or red is on the forecast.:D

Also maybe it is me - but I prefer a harder hitting powerband.....mx racing is over these days but the 5-7laps I run full tilt are all I need 5-7times a day

IMO, neither bike is lacking any hit. Just like a 250F a smoother bike will teach you to maintain corner speed. Traction is the goal I believe with the smoother power application.

Hey AnotherRedHead - thanks for the honest comparison and review. Much appreciated. :D

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