Motoman Incerts

My sources have told me that EGO is working on a top secret Incert to try and meet California's new and more screwed up sound rules.

Bust loose with the info. What is it and how does it work.

Hey Bman,

Ego's lips aint a flappin on this one. He is working on getting a couple patents down first. I believe he has been working with Dr D. Not absolutely sure. I am anxiously awaiting his product too. He claims he has been able to reduce sound to 94-96 db's with little power loss. If he claims that, I believe him.

I dunno Ego, You need a field tester ? :)


No that aint true

I am working with PowerNow and we are making our own Dyno too

I am spinning the back wheel real hard as my daughter sits on the seat and makes those thumper nosies

Thump-thump-thump thump Brwwwwwwaaaaaaapppppaaaaaaaaaa

Kinda like that.

Yes its true I am working a two specific designs.

They are inserts. I hope to have the WBr4 insert done this weekend, I can move that design to the stock OEM of the YZ Can.

The only differance I have found is that the WB produced gobs of power all through the band range

it seems now its settled down at Bottom and flattens on top but still spins to the rev limiter.

When I mean flattens, you just dont feel the hit when you are WFO its all on bottom and I like it.

Unfortunatly the patent portion is a pain in the butt, I have a meeting with a patent attorney in Feb to hopefully finalize this or at least get this out.

If I can not I will do the mods by hand in my garage for a fee or trade in thng not sure

You send me yours I send you a another Can type deal.

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