WR450F head v YZ450F head.


What are the differences between a 2008 WR450F head and one fitted to a 2008 YZ450F?

Looking at the parts lists the "assembly" has a different part number, but the diagram (for what it's worth) looks identical.

Obviously the cams and stuff would be different, but what about the actual cast aluminium head unit itself?


I don't know about the 08's but I have an 07 sitting here and they both seem to have the same casting #'s but they are machined a bit differant . The biggest thing I can see is there no holes milled in for the smog crap. otherwise the chamber and all that look the same.

The 08 YZ head is a bit different from previous years, as far as porting goes. I do not think the WR followed suit, but they should interchange. I do not know if the 08 YZ head would be a good fit powerwise on a WR however, because the power is a bit soft on the bottom on the YZ, compared to previous years. It may affect the WR the same way. Physiacally they should interchange though. Hope this helps!!


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