max rear rim width?

I got 650r that I am wanting to put 17s on. Seems like all the supermoto rear rims come in 4.25" or 5.0" width. I know most bikes have issues with the 5.0, but eyeballing my bike it looks like there is more room than on other bikes, as far as the chain is concerned. I know the 4.25 will fit a good supermoto-specific tire, but if I ran the 5.0, it would give me more options(SV takeoffs mainly). But I don't want to chew anything up either. ANyone got any experience with this? Any supermoto wheel info is appreciated actually.



4.25 works well and with a 150 tire it is very close to the chain.

thanks! yeah 4.25 looking like it may be the one.

I have a 5 inch CBR rear wheel on my XR. Ir fits fine but requires a little grinding of the inside lip of the swingarm to get the wheel over far enough to the right to clear the chain.

I have had two 4.5 inch rims on mine one rad/behr and one cbrf2. I think you can make a 5 fit also but would be more work. lots of sumo specific tires are not as wide as the 160's meant for sportbikes. you can run a 160 take off from an sv on either size and its not gonna make a huge difference.

I have a set of 17" supermotard wheels that came from a XR650R , the rear is a 5.00" wide and they were perfect on the XR650R with a 160/60ZR17 , the wheels are now on either my XR400R or my XR650L and I'm curently running a 150/60ZR17 and it's working perfectly , I have minor chain rub on both bikes but that doesn't bother me and it doesn't affect anything except that you can see the chain touch the side of the tire sometime.

Here's the wheel on my XR400R :



Same wheels now on the XR650L ( currently daily ridden ) :



Whole family..:D


so do the l wheels fit the r? i thought about seeing if the wheel off my 500 works too, just an ideae i havent done yet.

thanks guys. I don't mind chain rubbing tire a little, it'l help keep it clean! I just was concerned about it chewin up the rim. a lot of local racers have some pretty mangled rims around here.

Go for the 5" :D I rode years with a 4.25 and have a 5" now. So I know. :worthy:

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