Talk to me about your DR650

Love it? Hate it? I realize this is not a bike for tight trails but I would think it would do fine on the highway, forestry roads, and easy trails. Does the extra weight make it a hand full? Haven't bought one but am thinking about it. :D

i just recently bought a dr650. i considered the klr and as a big boy the klr would have fit me better straight out of the box, but i just couldn't get past the doohickey. while at the dealer a couple weeks ago, they had put a dr on the floor earlier that morning, i saw the dr and struck up a conversation with the salesman. we haggled for a bit and wound up at a price we could both live with.

so far i love it. it's not an interstate-burner, but i don't want it to be. it does well on the back roads and the dirt/gravel roads where i'll spend a lot of time. my intention is outfit it into a real adventure tourer and head to south america at the end of next year. should be on the road for about 5-6 months in all. i wanted a proven platform with simple technology. i feel that's what i found in the dr.

i already started the farkling process. ordered a custom saddle from day-long. received the safari tank this week. will order some happy-trail panniers soon. then skid plate and a few other things. don't want to complicate the bike too much, but outfit it with the essentials. the dr should serve me well.


for what it's worth i've had mine (new '07) for about 3 months now and can't believe i didn't buy one of these years ago. great for commuting and even day long rides. i plan to do some touring as well. get just less than 50mpg running around town and about 57 out on the road at about 60mph. (by gps, speedo quite optomistic). i raised the stock needle about .040" with two shims on top of the nylon spacer and nearly completely eliminated the low rpm lean stumble. no other carb work but there is a whole thread on this site concerning a fantastic amount of work by mx-rob to really sort out the jetting. my simple fix has worked great for me. the "hand guards" are worthless, i replaced with blue plastic acerbis rally pro guards which match my blue bike great. the seat is a bit hard so have a new one on order from renazco. have ram mount for my garmin gps and dual electrical supply for that and an aerostich vest. servicing seems very straightforward. i have done my own oil changes, valve adjusts, carb work, etc. very simple design that has good reliability record. so i'm so far happy and looking forward to a lot more miles.


Love it.

Had a lot of bikes but when i moved to Northern AZ i wanted a bike that could carve the twisties and still do some fire road exploring. I also wanted simple and low maintenance. I don't need a motorcross bike, and also considered the KLR and XRL. The KLR was too heavy and not maintenance friendly, it also seemed difficult to modify. The XRL was too tall for me and not very stable at highway speeds.

I have had my DR for 2 years and ride all year long. I would buy it again.

I have a '96 DR650 (1st year of the current generation-Will it ever change?).

I've owned it for 10 years so far and it has been a very dependable bike. Mainly used for commuting.

Would I buy another one, sure, and may I need to as my nephew keeps asking when I'm going to sell the '96 to him!!

I love it. Sure somedays I wish it was a MX bike and somedays I wish it was a Goldwing... but those days are rare. I've put alot of attention into making mine more trail friendly but it is still a good ride on the highway. I've found my DR to be relatively bullet-proof with some solid bark-busters and cheap rear blinkers; it's no big deal if I need to drop it on the trail, though I highly recommend adding small/cheap rear blinkers. Even before I changed alot of stuff on the DR, it was really fun stock... once I got used to it weighing 150lbs more than anything I had ridden before.

The motor is solid and dependable, all you really need to do is change the oil and once in a bluemoon adjust the valves. Alot of folks don't like the stock seat but it's ok by me (cycling background).

Scenario: Here is why the DR is great, a couple of weekends ago some friends were camping a nearby reservoir. Instead of driving 30miles on the freeway, I was able to connect a series of FS roads and a trail to meet them making the trip about 2hrs for 40miles; much more fun than the freeway. The area has an OHV network of trails nearby, so the next morning I rode much of them and some nearby FS roads just to explore before lunch, some sections of the trail were tight and gnarly but most of them you could drive a truck through... still fun. That night we realized we should prbably eat something more than just tri-tip, so I voulenteered to head to a close by town for supplies; It wa 50/50 getting there and back. Then on Sunday I decided to take the scenic route howm and rode a few miles of dirt to the highway towards Lake Tahoe, took a dirt 'shortcut' from Truckee to Tahoe then back on the highway to Mt.Rose wich is a very scenic kind-of-twisty highway back to Reno. This whole weekend I used less than one tank of gas (granted it was fairly close by and I have a 4.9gal tank, but still) and I rode through alot of different terrain that no specialized bike could have ventured (legally). Within a 80 mile loop I took the DR through rocks I had to pedal through, whoops, and a log/creek crossing, to wide open FS roads, to windy highway and finished it off cruising 70 to my freeway exit by my house. Gas burned: 3 gallons, broken parts: none, brakedown: none, miles trailered: none, roads I passed by and wished I could check out: none, hit 'em, Time spent adjusting tire pressure: 15min, People asking about the DR 1hr.,

Plus, just about any maintenace or modification you could think of doing on a DR has been covered in this forum, or someone will tell you about it within 24hrs.

had mine only a couple of months but rode it a lot. I really like it. Very nice on the road, perfect for dirt roads, fire roads, and the like. But mine -despite being stripped- is still quite heavy and I'm sure would prove to be a real handful on technical trails.

(I do have to acknowledge though that most of my offroad bike experience is from the Trials world, admittedly the other end of the spectrum, so I may be overemphasizing the weight factor...)

I like My 2005. I am short and the factory lowering option was very attractive to me. It is a pretty good dual purpose bike. I ride some single track , mostly 2 track and gravel. I commute 20 miles to work with it. You get what you pay for. If you want a KTM and make it street legal, you will have twice as much in it and you have to drive 10 times as far to a dealer.

Count me in as another huge fan of the DR. It really is a fantastic bike with tons of possibilities. I ride mine strictly on the street as the trails around here are all very tight. The bike was just a bit too heavy for me in those situations. On fire roads, wider trails and such, the DR should be fine. A tire and maybe suspension upgrade will work wonders. I'm in the process of "semi-motarding" my bike by putting a 19 x 2.5 front rim on and a sumo fender. Can't wait for the finished product!

I went through the same dilemma as most of the other people on this forum. I was convinced the KLR was the way to go, but thanks to a really awesome sales staff at a local dealer, (Cameron Cycle of Peterborough) I was steered to the DR. I haven't regretted a minute of it. In fact we are buying another for my wife in the spring. I am supermotarding mine now, and we are looking forward to doing some adventure touring together next year! I personally think the bike is too heavy to be a serious trail machine, but for commuting, blasting down sideroads, and some well used trails it is the BOMB! I have found about 25 different ways to get home from work since I bought this thing:ride:

You won't be disappointed!

yup, love mine also. as NVDESERTKID said mine too is mainly setup for the trails and does just fine in them too. even considering the tight single track that's around here. not exactly blazing through the trails but fast enough for me. once you get used to the weight i don't think it's a problem. someone made a pretty accurate statement about the DR's... they're like the jeep of the motorcycle world :D

:ride::D Love mine also,use it mostly onroad cause the drz400s i use for dirt,just put a 2brothers muffler on and yesterdays test dr was great,more power everywhere,the hand guards are great for wind only,over winter i'll put on some barkbusters and fab the stockers to them,2500miles since april 20th,great comuter,gobs of one asap....:ride: :ride: :worthy:

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