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Co2 Tire Inflater?

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Howdy All

Sorry about string of relatively inane questions, but I am new to this game.

Just totally have fallen in love with the 'X', and want to cram in as much info as possible.

Anyway..............to business.

Popped into a bicycle shop (non 450 powered things with pedals......strange!)

Bought 4 x CO2 cartridges with adaptor supposedly to fit 450 x's valve. These little doobies will go into the on board tool kit.

The adaptor doesn't seem to have a pin built in to push open the valve on the innertube to allow the new air in.

Are they all like this or have I wasted a few euro bucks???

Just also bough a big tub of lithium grease for re greasing (following my pressure washer post). It isn't white as specified in the Honda manual. Is there a difference between white lithium grease and gray lithium grease??

Still learning to pull those wheelies!!

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... buy a second-wind, you'll be covered.

This type, for when the C°2 runs out


This thread should help ya out;


.... we even have some pictures of what we pack..etc

And instead of white lithium grease, go out and buy some auto store waterproof stuff... or the cool blue colored Bel-Ray stuff for things like axles, wheel bearings, headset bearings... etc.etc. If you use lithium, your tub will run out quick... it's like water when hot, and will be gone in no time if used and a pressure washer gets anywhere near it. Let alone, it doesn't shed water like a duck's back.


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