Question about Dr. D exhaust?

I just recently bought a stainless steel Dr. D exhaust for my 07 yz450f. When I was taking off my old exhaust, it had a clamp that held the header pipe and tail pipe together. When I went to go put the new exhaust on it the clamp wouldn't go tight enough to tighten on the header pipe and tail pipe. Does this Dr. D exhaust need a clamp to hold them together or is the fit tight enough I don't have to worry about anything? Thanks.

My 05 doesn't, its a slip fit.

no, clamp is for stock system only.

do not use it on your Dr D system.

you don't need it.

Thanks for the answers guys.

just a fyi make sure you repack it every 10 hours or you will bake that drd sticker on the can, trust me i have one that now looks like crap

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