2000 KX250 turning issue

I seem to have to fight with my KX's to get them to turn properly...or at least decent enough. I thought it was my ability until I rode a friends CRF450 and (I think) 06 YZ250. Those 2 bikes turn ALOT easier and the CR is effortless in the turns.

I have my sag set about 80-90mm and my forks up in the clamps 10-12mm. The suspension feels pretty good as far as the spring rate goes over jumps and whoops.

The issue is when going into a turn (berm) the bike seems to want to fight to stay straight unless I really lean it over. I also heard the same thing from another person with an 02 KX125 which has a simillar chassis.

Any ideas?

you might be going too far with you attempts to make it turn, it should turn really well with those settings but often it works the opposite way, try going to the more normal 100mm sag and say 8mm forks through in the clamps and retest it, the kx range is not the best turning until say the 2004 kxf 250, in fact most of the kxf 250 range turn well, the 450s dont and the 06 kx 250 turns ok.

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