110mph and pulling hard my drz400sm

now my drz400sm is not stock by far its a 470 full race close to 60hp 40 pounds of tork <<< so im waiting for my new driven sprockets to get here , i put my old 15/38 on and hit the freeway its crazy , 110 mph and pulling HARD!!!!!!!! i shut it down, no need to go to jail today , so now i want to know how fast it will go, this saturday, im leaving the gearing on and going riding were i can let it rip ... more to come this saturday after noon .

Nice. Good thing you bought the Brembo brakes!

Get a GPS so you can get an accurate speed, not indicated on the speedo and most important WEAR ALL THE GEAR!!!!

Get a GPS so you can get an accurate speed, not indicated on the speedo and most impotant WEAR ALL THE GEAR!!!!

gps would be nice as far as gear goes :D i have a zx10r that i have had over 170mph+ so speed to me big deal . just the drz400sm is so fun

Nice. Good thing you bought the Brembo brakes!

:D they work great now im going to have to rebuild the forks

that 110 indicated is more like 85 real life. Get a gps you will be suprised.

that 110 indicated is more like 85 real life. Get a gps you will be suprised.

all i know is my speedo is right up to 85 so the 110 is more like 98 -102 - anyway it was just for fun to see i bet theres not many drz400 that even see 110 on there speedo so dont hate

rule of 10% would mean a speedo that is off by 10% that reads 110 MPH is actually 11 miles an hour less then indicated...so 99 MPH.

that 110 indicated is more like 85 real life. Get a gps you will be suprised.

That's like 23% error. I think its closer to 10% with the factory speedo, which puts 110 mph indicated closer to 99 mph actual.

whats the difference at 110 on drz and 170mph on zx10?

not much >G<

I see 110 all the time on the speedo. Thats about 87 mph according to my GPS. The error is 10% at around 55 mph. At 110, think about 15-20% especially if you converted your S model to an SM. Granted, I see this is an sm model.

no ones hating here, but you are probably the most recent guy at TT to have gotten your 470, and many have come before you, including the author of this post. We are all pretty aware of what the engine can do. We have seen 110 many, many, many times on the speedo. I saw it once with my stock motor, so thats funny of you to say that not many have seen 110 on the speedo. Funnier yet is that anyone would care what it tops out at. Pulling out of the hole is what Sumo is mostly about, and many races you dont go over 80 mph.

Sounds like you might need a dose of CRF reality. Strongly suggest you save your speed runs for the track.

I see 110 all the time also-ON THE TRIPOMETER!!

ok i new this would go the wrong way !!!!!!!!!!! wow all this was for fun no big deal . i have been doing track days for over 6years on sport bikes so speed to me is fun , here is what this was about its a drz400sm hahaha fun bike yes and with 15/38 just good for running around town on ! my point was 15/38 with 470cc will pull hard sure not good for a go kart track but fun in the hills running with sport bikes . my norm gears are 14/43 that's what is run , now that's a track gear !! but when i ride street it goes to 15/43 OK, dam no it Al's

sounds like you have the right idea with the track days. We use 14/47 on our longest track, I found 14/44 just wasnt enough. Of course, our longest track is horsethief mile. For Streets of W, you certainly could run your tall gearing. When you said "track days" all my ideas of you being a squid kind of vanished. :D


What was the final dyno hp??


Wish i could go to a track day, I live in motocross central so there is no road courses for about a 6 hour drive! 4 MX tracts with in a 30 minute drive though. Anyways update us when you can hold that throttle all the way!

thats funny . i was a squid 25 years ago im 43 now been doing track days for a long time . i have taken the drz to big tracks but doing that was going to kill it 14/41 full twist of the wrist all day . go kart 14/43 is good for me dont have to shift as much track days for me is not to race , but to work on my skill , so when i do ride the street i stay alive . like my zx10r has close to 170hp but do i use it all when at the track , no but close same thing working on body position , there's no trophy at track days or riding on the street , all i like to do is ride and sense i got the drz400sm i have so much fun . keep the rubber side down buddy

Whatever the real tapped out top speed of the DRZ is, I wager your ZX10 would be just hitting the rev limiter in 2nd gear at the same velocity. :worthy:

40-80 mph, and on a good kart track or the Streets of Willow type track - that is where your cool mods just bury a stock DRZ. The 470 must be fun on snotty back roads in Northern CA!

I have an '06 FZ1 with an Akra full exhaust and PCIII on it. It is not a ZX10, but the effortless undiminishable power of a liter bike is there. Great fun up the hill here in thin air land Denver. No hill, no high elevation, no stiff headwind ever makes it feel taxed in any way or slow. There actually are environments here in CO that call for massive literbike power. That is how I justify it in my mind anyway. You would enjoy your ZX on my roads :D

well when it was in Denver at Eddies shop it was 55 hp 38 tork but he set it up VERY!!!!!!!! rich so it was not running at full potential . i rode it at the shop it was a big power gain for sure but nothing like when i got it home to california sacramento . when i rode it then it was like a hole different bike it had huge HP . like Eddie told wait till i get home you will be happy , and he was right had to pick up 3 to 4 more HP , have not yet dyno it here to see but its got to be close to 58-60 hp now and the tork is close to 40 very stronge motor . and im 6'1" 245lbs hope i didnt go on and on ,

i dont try to compare the to ever the zx10r 08 is so smooth 1st gear is close to 100 mph with my gearing on it top speed stock is 180+ im just trying to say the drz470sm is to me more fun to ride because slower speed seams like your going faster , does that sound right . anyway im starting to get lost here . come on everyone remember all i was doing today was having fun thats it , i didnt want to start anything negative . i think the peaple that ride drz400 are great group im the type that gives the thumbsup: to every bike i pass by .

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