YZ white plastic for WR???

2007 WR 250 F...will this work???

Yusssss. it will most defiantly!:worthy::D

are you sure? i thought there were differences in the rear because of the coolant overflow bottle behind the left # plate, and differences in the front because the wr gas tank is wider.

I'm not 100% sure about the 250's but the 450's every piece of plastic on the bike less the front fender is differant then the yz's . I know both acerbis and ufo make plastic for a wr450 in white . I'm not sure if it's the same as a 250 or not check their web sites


Thanks for the tips!! I will call acerbis tomorrow!

I forgot to say that there is no one making a stock head shell so to get yours to match you have two choices .

1 a new headlight

2 paint your stock one with krylon fusion that's what I did .

here's my black wr .


this is the painted headlight . it's holding up well so far.


The Aussies had a limited edition white Wr250f on sale a couple of years ago.

You could maybe source some plastics there (including headlight)

I can't speak for aftermarket places like acerbis, polisport, ufo, etc. But factory YZ plastic is different then factory WR. First, one of the holes on the radiator shrouds will not line up with the Wr gas tank. If you switch to a YZ tank or an oversized aftermarket tank you will be ok. Second, the rear brake light will not mount up to the YZ rear fender. You can drill through the top of the fender to attach the light, but you will have exposed screw heads on the top of the fender. Third, I believe as mentioned above, the radiator overflow bottle will not mount to YZ number plates.

Good luck.

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