Bike Stays On High Idle For A Short Time

Hello, We have a 2007 150R and just this last trip we started noticing the carb would stay at a high idle for a moment or so before it would drop down to the normal idle. It makes the bike hard to ride as you come into a corner and it just wants to keep pulling. All vent tubes are clear and retun cable is fine so I am hoping someone here can shed some light. Thanks in advance for the help.

maybe turn the idle down or play with the fuel screw until it stops, but mine stills wants to pull me out of ruts in slow turns.

I have an 08 rb and ride at altitudes that very as much as 5000 ft . Let the bike warm up.. turn fuel screw in 1/4 turn,,adjust idle [a little slower] crack the throttle to cheak.if it hangs try it again ,,, or turn fuel screw the other way ,,Should work with less than 1/2 turn of the fuel screw no matter which way you go . You will know when it gets worse and its time to go the other way,,Have fun.:worthy: Oh, remember where your fuel screw was when you first started,,,:D

Also search in the jetting forum,[good stuff]

Times two on fuel screw... Same happened with mine. Took a few tries to get it though..

If all settings are correct... Clean air filter, no clogged jets, properly set TPS, etc. Stick a one size larger pilot jet in there (45 in my case). A hanging idle is caused by a lean pilot circuit. Decel pop is caused by rich pilot circuit.

A tight valve will make it act like that Mine was like new still and had tight valve right intake all my honda racers eat the right intake valve!!!

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