Sedona, AZ

I am planning a trip to Sedona in November and I figured I would bring my dirt bike. I have been there numerous times in the past for mt. biking trips, but have never rode my dirt bike there. Any good trails that are legal for a street legal CRF450?

Sedona proper will be tough for motorized. Plenty of riding in the surrounding area.

I should be good if I stick to the 4X4 trails?

Stick to the Jeep trails and you will be fine. If you want ST then Prescott is about an hour away.

No singletrack but Broken Arrow and Greasy Spoon are fun rides.

Please be cool and don't get racey around the Jeep Tour people. They are real nice if you don't act like a squid, roost them and they will call the Sheriff and the FS and ruin it for the rest of us.

Hope you have a quiet muffler on that CRF, that's the biggest complaint on dirt bikes.

You could go up Casner Mtn. OHV trail, it a bit west of Sedona and takes you up into the pines. It's an old powerline road that's a quad trail.

Here are some photos of a ride I do there.

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