Trouble instaling rear wheel axle

Im new to KTMs and was woundering If there a trick to getting the axle to line up with the rear brake on a KTM?I just bought an MSR shark fin and I cant seem to get the axle to line up with the hole in the brake calaper.2007 300 XCW

This guy has no problems

WOW that guy is fast! I have been thinking about getting one of those stands to aid in my tire swapping and or flat repairs. He sure makes it look easy!

Just make sure you slide the brake caliper back towards the end of the swing arm when you start. It is easy to bump it forward when getting the wheel past the chain guide. I notice it when running a wide knobby vs trials tire. The knobby always takes a bit more effort to get fitted. You should be able to pull the brake and guard back enough that when you line up the wheel the axel can be pushed through the rim and guide hole on the guard easily.

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