FCR Breathers

Hi guys,

Ive just put a new pilot jet and needle valve in my FCR carb and thought I'd take the time to re route the carb breathers to under the seat. I understand this is good idea if you ever get into deep water. As far as I can see there are two petrol overfow tubes which I assume I leave to route down by the swing arm. That leaves two on each side which seem to T off from the same place at the top of the carb. Can I simply route these upwards, I cant think of any reason why they are originally looped over the top of the carb. Or do I have to leave those loops and go around and back up?

Many thanks


Yup, route the two hoses that come off the tops of the tees. Route them up under the fuel tank (higher and dryer than the seat area).

Thanks William, I assume that I leave the two that come from the bottom of the tees to vent downwards as before?


Exactly. :D

Hi Dan

What made you go for a re-jet?

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