dowel pins? HELP QUICK!

i just got my block back and im putting it back together and a tech said that i needed new dowel pins before i could reassemble it. well i got home and the ones that were given to me dont seem to fit... they jus fall into the bottom end and into the cylinder. i dont remember any pins being in there in the first place when i took the think apart...


No pins..No ride


The pins align the cases together so that they are 100% aligned when you bolt it down.They should also be on the cylinder base and on the newer models on the cylinder head.I find that if you just replace them all(cylinder and head dowels) every other top-end it can make your life easier. Good luck!!!

Go to and look up your model/year on their fiche. Write down the part number that you need and then get the correct dowels. On 2strokes usually there are two 12/14mm ones for the cylinder and one or two 10mm ones for the head. Look on the fiche for the correct locations where they go. Also, if you have to remove a dowel, find a drill bit that just fits inside the dowel. Put bit onto dowel then take a rounded tooth visegrip and clamp it snugly on dowel. Try not to dig in too deep. Then twist and lift the dowel out. If it gets gouged a little you can dress it up with a file or sand paper.

Do it right the first time so you wont have to go back in there again. Yes you need those dowel pin.

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