Rear Suspension Maint. Question....

Hello gents,

Quick question for those of you that have disassembled the rear swingarm/linkage assembly. I wanted to take things apart, check everything for wear/rust/etc. and regrease all the bearings but I ran across something a little strange. The needle bearings in the "RELAY ARM" & "CONNECTING ARM" have a yellow teflon-like material in them(around the needles)....IS this right?? Or is this just old grease gone "bad"!? Should I clean all this out or just leave it as is and regrease? Never seen bearings with this in them before(the bearings in the swingarm pivot didn't have this in them)....I'll try to post a pic but it may not work since I've never tried to before....Thanks for some help.... [image][/image]

It is normal. Mine also had this, but I decided to remove them and put grease in their place. I use quicksilver marine 2-4-c grease with teflon. It is also for bearings, linkages but it is not effected if water get in there.

Since you have your rear suspension apart, what do you think about installing grease zerts (nipples) at the linkage points? :)

There is a lot of infos and pictures treating this topic.


I was thinking at first, but then I decided not to put them this time. I will be more careful with the power washing machine and with the marine grease I expect to have no problems in the future. I will check them on every second oil change (2000km/1200ml) and see how it goes. If not good I will put zerks then. Thanks for the suggestion though.


click here for info on the "cheese wiz" solid lubricant that's used to retain the needle bearings in place at the yamaha factory:

a TT post with lots of links to maintenance tips/info/hints etc:

finally, check out my linkage on the kitchen table, last year:

the full kitchen story:

and this year's episode:

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