Tonight, Wed. 15th - Totally Off Road Radio

Sounds like a good show tonight, including bikes! For sure some Baja Mil banter and you out of towners can listen on the web.


This is the TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO "Luck of the Draw" Show Wed October 15 6-8PM

Special Guest Co Host: Cameron Steele

Other Guests include:

Brian Collins

Johnny Campbell

Colton Udall

Grant Steele

Jeff Mello

Rudy Uribe

And More!

We will be talking to those the benefited the most from the recent Start Position Drawings for the Baja 1000 (Brian Collins & Grant Steele) and the 3rd annual King of the Hammers (Jeff Mello)

Also, We will be checking in with the great Johnny Campbell & talking to the newest member of Johnny Campbell Racing (Colton Udall)

Rudy Uribe from Racers & Ranchers will be with us talking about their new community service project "Pine Forest"

We will also be talking about Last weekends Powder Puff Race For the Cure in Barstow and everything else that comes to mind in the Off Road World.

Plus, The Newly Revamped "Breaking Newz" with Shaun Ocshner!

We want to thank again all the participants of the "Ladies Night III" which is always a favorite and this was no exception. Special thanks go out to Heidi & Cissy who did a great job on their first Hosting Duties and we welcome them back anytime!

It's going to be another great show and as always.

We want to hear from you 'The Fans" with any questions or comments that you have!

The station call in number is 760-720-5236, You can also Email questions to or text questions to 760 805-6994

The show is LIVE from 6-8PM on AM 1000 & can be heard at where you can also watch it on the new TOR TV!

Thanks again for all the kind words from last weeks show.

As always we truly appreciate it.

We look forward to hearing from you all Wednesday!

For more information visit



Wednesdays 6-8pm on AM 1000 KCEO or go to and click on LISTEN LIVE!

TORR Your original source for Off Road Radio!

But what about the debate???:ride::D:ride::worthy::ride: :ride:

But what about the debate???:ride::D:ride::worthy::ride: :ride:

The mortons are not undecided on their choice for El Presidente...

a good show with lots of focus on the bikes...

Rudy did a great job promoting R&R

Tim morton dropped some knowledge and announced an entry starring Baja Rookie Colton Udall on a hybrid team...

What is this: the JCR C team.

Tim: Please give us an update on the details of this news...don't make us wait to read about it in the Tijuana Union Tribune;;;

Drop the knowledge

Listening to TOR tonite, I heard BBM and J. Campbell talking about the Hybrid

team. I also thought I heard of a fourth rider, a person with the last name of Wilson. Would this 4th rider be the one SNR? Did I hear right? If so, thats awesome for SNR. I heard he would be an alternate.:D

I have to put in onto someone in the Morton Camp to properly announce the JCR C team...

Don't make me do my Geraldo Rivera bit...


I heard he would be an alternate.:D

Alternate my ass.

Atta boy!

Guys thanks for the PM's, but right now I can't confirm or deny that I am the "alternate" on this team. I think BBM once said that he could time my speed through a section with a sundial.

Rudy was great on TORR!

I really wanted to give props to Rudy, Lance, and Racers&Ranchers but time was running low (I mean running out). Sorry Rudy.

OK, the cat's out of the bag, so here's the dealio....

A couple weeks back Johnny and I were discussing some things, including a couple young kids who might someday have "it" for Baja racing.

My knowing Johnny wanted to see how these kids performed and knowing JCR is a business on a budget (couldn't just up and start a 3rd Baja team) I offered up a little joint venture between my company and his.

My company had already built (for the most part) a new 450X for the B1k which we were hoping to be rented to race in the B1k, but it hadn't yet.

I would have a hard time seeing it (a fully built race bike) sit around in our shop waiting for the Baja500 or turned into a Tour bike if it didn't get rented as a racer. So I offered up the bike for the young fellers to race.

With parts and tech help from JCR, Precision Concepts, and Baja Designs the bike will be good. It will be as close to a Factory bike as one can get.

The Team will consist of Colton, Bryce, & Justin (aka: the young kids).

We then wanted a rider with tons of experience in the mix so we picked Ronnie (surfnride) to be on it because he's really strong in any section/situation and can easily pull up any slack if needed, even in sections he doesn't pre-ride, with more than competitive speed.

Ronnie IS on the bike, for sure, not just an alternate.

Should be fun!

Then, post-race YOU TOO can ride that former Team JCR Baja bike as it will become a Baja Bound tour bike! (if they don't destroy it).


Then what section is Dave riding??

SNR said I could ride race mile 690-740, it's supposed to be a very special section, he's gonna help me pre run it, and show me some lines.

Alternate my ass.

Sorry SNR, "alternate" was a bad choice. How about Veteran team member. No offense intended. I re-read the "scoop" from Baja.Net this morning! Again-



Sorry SNR, "alternate" was a bad choice. How about Veteran team member. No offense intended. I re-read the "scoop" from Baja.Net this morning! Again-



No offense taken Robert. As we say in the NFL- Just happy to be involved with Team JCR.

Dave - Meet me in the Ojos Applebees parking lot.

Great news Ron. I have seen Colton and Justin ride and they are super fast. Looks like you have a very good shot of the OA.

Great news Ron. I have seen Colton and Justin ride and they are super fast. Looks like you have a very good shot of the OA.
As much as I'd like to get an OA for myself it would be AWESOME if 16x won too!

Not just for the riders but for our compnay and our bike too!

Been 16x they just have to stick to the back of 1x to the finish line.

I know Tim is great at setting the bikes. I had the chance to ride one of his creations.

Unfourtanly I crashed a few days before the race, fractured some bones but still was able to finish the race thanks to the supper plush suspension on the bike.

Good luck to the 16x team I hope they can agree on the front tire to use.

Any blue rims???

Post a pic of the bike Tim

Great news Ron. I have seen Colton and Justin ride and they are super fast. Looks like you have a very good shot of the OA.

Thanks Bebo..

You guys should ask BBM what he's riding...

I wish the Honda riders on A... B... C... teams, All good luck, and will be watching, listening for a good fast paced race.

... to get the chance, to race not once... but twice with Team Honda/ JCR, has got to be a very rewarding experience! Congrats.

Do they still play (SCORE) odds at Caliente?!

So Tim?? Let's see the ride!

I'm going to guess that seeing as purple seems to be the "In" color this year that we should expect to see something other than blue rims.

Transalp twin?

PS - We're going to see Keith C. at the Rally Moto this weekend in OR. I see he's racing a 690E. Should be interesting.

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