Broken ankle..... $46 Thousand dollars in medical expenses and counting.

Here is the quick story...... Went out for a ride at the local track on a practice day. Been riding that same track for years. Wearing all the best gear available. Had a low speed spill going through a rhythm section. Bike swapped out on second whoop so it wasn't a triple double double wreck where bodies and bikes went flying. Felt like lightning hit my leg. I instantly knew I was screwed up. Broke all three sides of the ankle and my fibula again higher up.

Urgent care, Ortho Doc, MRI, Surgery (Couple Pins, few screws and a plate), 1 night in Hospital, whole bunch of pain killers, rehab, CPM machine, etc. 7 weeks into it and another surgery scheduled in 2 more weeks to remove the pins.

Today I get home and in the mail box is my quarterly insurance statement that explains my benefits for the past quarter.

$46 thousand dollars in medical expenses since Sept 9th when I broke my leg. Thanks goodness I have a high paying desk job and awesome medical insurance. Holy :D how is someone suppose to pay these bill if their insurance says no? I've got one of the best health plans around with super low co-pays ($50 bucks for ER and $200 for surgery for example) and I'm already out about $3K. I'm not into telling anyone how to run their lives, but I would highly suggest having good insurance if you are planning on throwing your leg over a bike. I've got at least two more surgeries and a bunch of rehab ahead of me. I wouldn't be surprised if this little accident didn't cost 100K when all was said and done.

Also I have a PPO so I can go anywhere and don't need referrals. I would also highly suggest that. I don't know how I would have been able to handle this if I had to ask mother may I every time I needed a treatment.

Just thought I would share this info. I was shocked when I opened that letter today.

Thank goodness you had insurance...

Now on the other hand, if you did not have would not cost that much.They can just get away with raping the insurance companies that much. :worthy:

When I first went to a chiropractor, it cost me $35 for an adjustment. The next time I went in..they said, We do take your insurance. Great I thought. I had to pay my $25 co-pay.. got the same adjustment (treatment) and left the office. I then received an explanation of benefits leter that stated my treatment was covered and they had paid the chirocracker his invoice of $250. So he made $275 instead of the usual $35 :D

Sometimes I think insurance is not always a good thing. :ride: It just makes the richer richer.

Yep, Ive seen first hand the cost involved for medical care.

The medical industry has gotten completely out of control.

They are charging so much, that many dont pay. That leaves

the rest of us with medical insurance and a good income to

cover the high price left over for the care.

Early this year I had a "suprise" while in my garage working

on one of the bikes. Ill jump back just a bit.....summer last

year I went in for some minor surgury. Following I had a small

dispute abount ONE of the many bills we received.

We (my wife and I) had contacted the medical office where

the bill was from and made our official dispute. The office

stated they would look into the issue.....:D:worthy::ride:....

We then filled out an "official" form from the office and

awaited their response. Months went by and we never

heard anything. So I quietly disregarded the original bill

thinking, hoping, they had simply wrote this small amout

off. Small meaning a total of 350 dollars out of about 9,000.

Back to the "early this year" part. While in the garage a

lady approaches and asked if I was Mr. So-and-so, then

proceeds to give me a subpoena to court. The next day

I call an attorney friend and discuss this with him. He

says I can probably fight it, due to the amount they

were now requesting. The NEW TOTAL 1,058.00........

Yep, 350 turned into over 1k when these idiots got

done. They never did try to contact me. I WOULD have

paid the bill. I was just arguing the bill. I paid ALL my

other bills that I had no issues with.

When I called the "collections company" (read as snakes)

they treated me like was a complete disgrace. I got a

bit PO and told the lady that I had resolved EVERY other

bill up to the 9k and my credit score was in excess of

765, so she might want to lose the attitude. She didnt.

Anyway.....I figured they knew they could get the money

out of they went after me. They probably didnt

waste their time with others who never paid anything, since

they figured they couldnt get anything from them.

So what did I do.......I just paid the 1,058 bucks and

went on with my life.

I know one thing though.......dont ignore an unresolved

medical bill if you have a history of paying.......

they come after you HARD.:ride:

i broke my fibula pretty bad 3 months ago, same circumstance as you, no operation needed but $30 for a water proof cast and $50 for a check up ER and everything else was free through medicare. (rehab, physio appointments,3 more checkups, specialist appointments,4 x-rays)

i just had artho knee sugery.....i was there a total of 3 hours.....$12 grand.......i knew it wouldnt be cheap but......geez.....glad its all covered.....

Happy I Live In Canada :D

Happy I Live In Canada :D

amen to that:banana:

If you didnt have insurance, and paying yourself, they would of said "$8,500!

If you didnt have insurance, and paying yourself, they would of said "$8,500!

no kidding, they jack it up when they see you have insurance, Hope you recover


Happy I Live In Canada :D

How does it work in Canada? I've been looking for a new home anyway. I really don't want to be here when the revolution starts.

Lucky you had insurance. I lacerated my kidney and broke some ribs a couple years ago. The first hospital I went to didn't do anything other than one CT scan to make sure I wasn't going to die, then they transported me to another hospital. I was at the first hospital for about 2 hours total and they charged about $5,000! So far this injury has well over $100,000, and I haven't even had surgery yet, that is scheduled for this winter. Thank God for insurance, I can't believe some people race without any!

i took a fall and broke my foot pretty badly.. or, as the pediatrist said, "You broke 2 bones, and pulverized and shattered two others"

Luckily he thinks I'll be better off without surgery, but I still had the ambulance ride, trama docs (they thought my head was going to fall off or something..) CT scans, x-rays, orthopedic guy, IV stuff, and a few other things. I'm sure that would add up.

My parents are divorced.. I called my mom on the way to the hospital, which was about 1.5 hours from my house. She came out and waited with me, then drove me home. She called my dad on the way home, who was taking care of insurance for my brother and I, since he worked at Ford and it was part of his job/retirement package.

He says "Oh.. I ended coverage last month"

Great.. thanks for telling us, dad. He figured that since I was 18, I'd take care of it. Sure, I would have, but I'm not a mind reader and he should have told me.

1000 frantic phone calls later, we got it reinstated retroactively to before I crashed. We straight up told the insurance company that there was a miscommunication, i got hurt, then we found out i wasn't covered. Thankfully, they got me back. I was worried for a bit.

Stupid dad...

I broke both bones in my lower leg (TIB - large bone - in 3 places, and the FIB ) and the bill for surgery 3 weeks in the hospital and surgery to take the pin out and 3 more days cost the outrageous price of


But that was in 1970 in Lancaster California.


My cousin and I were competing in a harescramle last year. He high sided into a tree WFO. The helicopter ride alone was $20,000.:D He is alright, but had to pay what the insurance did not cover. What do you do? You can't live in a box.

WOW!!! I just broke my fibula also but cost me nothing!!! Here in Canada you walk into the hospital hand them your health card and way you go. Now not having work insurance would be bad cause i am off work for the next 2 months so my work ins will kick in a pay 65% of my pay.

If we had to pay for stuff like you guys in the US man we would be screwed. On the same note though if we get hurt in the US we need extra health ins or we pay the bill our selfs.

I still can't believe they get away with the helicopter charges. I mean they know people aren't going to turn them down. "OK you can pay the $20k for the chopper or you will most likely die". What are you going to do spur of the moment?

Medical bankruptcy is not so uncommon, and sometimes it hits those who are not deemed "dirt bags" or careless. My good friend filed bankruptcy for medical reasons 20 years ago; today she's a contributing member of the community, has a great job, is kind, etc., etc., but that medical bankruptcy is a very, very embarrassing subject for her to this day.

She was in a car accident. Compound fracture to both femurs! Ouch. Had to stay in the car until extrication hours later with her lower legs folded back underneath the seat ....ugh, can't even think about it.

Anyway, not to get off your subject. I hit a tree in an enduro without insurance. There was a lapse between my military separation insurance and my college. BAM. Accident. Paid out the nose for that one.

I still can't believe they get away with the helicopter charges. I mean they know people aren't going to turn them down. "OK you can pay the $20k for the chopper or you will most likely die". What are you going to do spur of the moment?

IDK I'd gladly pay 20 grand for my life. I guess the sooner that Americans realize that nobody owe's them shite and they're on their own like big kids, the better off we'll be as a society.:D

IDK I'd gladly pay 20 grand for my life. I guess the sooner that Americans realize that nobody owe's them shite and they're on their own like big kids, the better off we'll be as a society.:D

What I'm saying is that it's price gouging in a way. They could charge anything they wanted. That'd be like me finding a crashed rider in the woods with a broken leg and telling him I'll haul him out and get help for $5k. What's he gonna say no and lay out there and die?

I doubt a one hour helicoptor rental for a movie shoot costs 20000...

if it was 5000, okay.. 20000 is stupid.

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