Things to look out for......

Hey guys, I spend most of my time on the yz450f side, so please excuse my ignorance.

My riding buddy has replaced the valves in his Honda for the last time, and now wants to get a YZ250 (or possibly a KX). So I told him I would 'ask the pros' if there was anything to watch out for.

He wants a new bike, probably 07or08. So please let me know if they have any inherent problems(i.e. trannys, pistons, suspension failures, or anything else he should be cautious of), or are they as bullitproof as the 450f's.

He is remembering the 'good ole' 2 stroke days when he rode a YZ, and got to ride it more than he worked on it, unlike his present situation.:D

Keep the filter/oil fresh, ditch the crap stock chain, make sure everything is greased after he buys it and he'll be good to go. :D

Get the jetting set for your rideing conditions/style and elevation and temperature

And like was posted make sure to regrease everything

Almost forgot

Semper Fi

Semper Fi Yathump,

Thanks guys, this is kinda what I expected to hear. I just wanted to make sure there was not some sort of ' except for....'

If there are any others out there with bad experiences please step up.

Before I bought my Honda a few years ago, I did a similar post on and everone assured me the valve problem was fixed by 06, well that was not the case.

So if you see a similar post on the Honda forum, I am just trying to get the opposing view point.

Once you get it dialed in for yourself your golden

Its because of this bike i do not want to go back to a 4 stroke:ride: :D

Where at in MI are ya from

I live in Macomb, what about you?

The bike has no problems like the crf valve deal. As mentioned, the stock chain sucks. If it has the 739 front tire, it sucks. Nothing that a person has to be aware of.

A few guys have had 3rd gear let go, but most had many hours on the bike.

I live in Macomb, what about you?

Scottville, why is it everybody i meet on here is hours away from me, as i'm in need of new rideing buddies LOL:banghead:

2 strokes rock. Every time I ride with my buddies with 4t's I just wonder why?? I ride off road mountain singletrack, and 4t's are just a lot of bike to lug and wrestle around. Now in the desert, I can see the 4t's, but my YZ keeps up, so factor in the maintenance costs and there you go.

The real reason to ride a 2t is fun factor, they are so much fun, and that's why I would never ride anything else. I rode RM, KX and YZ. While I did like all these bikes, the YZ has the best motor hands down.

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