Smog Pump R&R

I am trying to remove my smog pump on my 19 F150 5.0 with out pulling off the whole bracket. How do you get the top bolt out? It hits the pulley and I cant get a puller on the pulley, not enough clearance. Ive done this job before but I cant remember how I did, I did the alt at the same time so I probably pulled the bracket... Any ideas?

the smog pulley has 3 bolts holding it on it should just fall off when you take them out,if not just tap it a little bit

Awesome, i thought thats what it did, but its stuck pretty good. Ima try a bfh and see what happens.

Just smack the pulley with a big crescent wrench and it lands on your face. Pulled the vanes out of the pump and its quieter than a new pump is. A piece of graphite like stuff broke off and was bouncing around in there, shame too the pump only had 15k on it.

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