cr plug fouling

can someone please tell me why my 07 cr125fouls plugs so quick

can someone please tell me why my 07 cr125fouls plugs so quick

Needs the carb jetted correctly for your elevation/temperature and rideing conditions/style

or your not on the pipe enough to clean it out, or you have to much oil in ur gas.

Look into JD jetting kits

If you are a new rider, you will learn to keep it on the pipe and you won't have problems. Until then, keep running it at 32:1 (don't let people tell you to alter the ratio--that is NOT the problem!). Raise the clip on your needle 1 notch. The procedure wis explained in your manual. That should lean it out enough until you are more used to riding a 125smoker. As you get faster, keep an eye on your plugs. If they start looking white, move the needle back to the original position.

try running a ngk br10eg plug. Thats what helped me make the transition from 4 to 2(strokes that is)

Check your airscrew too. My brother bought a bike with the A/S turned all the way in. I guess the guy thought that that would lean it out some. NOT! :D

Honda rules,

The way you ride is not the problem. It's the carburator. The 05, 06 and 07 were the same bike except for a small change in the decal.

I have an 06 and I had the same problem with fouling plugs.

You need to buy a jd jet kit from The main problem is the neddle jet. You will have to make smaller adjustments in the main and pilot jet that also come with the jd kit.

This is where I'm at with my bike,

jd red needle in middle clip

420 main jet

50 pilot jet

br8eg spark plug

The kit comes with a 32.5 pilot jet that says to install, but that did'nt work for me. I had to go with the 50.

Good luck and I know the frustation that your going through right now.

Yep, JD Jet kit. I use the JD Blue needle in the 2nd clip, 32.5 pilot, 1 3/4 turns on the air screw and a BR8EG plug. Runs phenomenal and haven't fouled a plug since. :D

can someone please tell me why my 07 cr125fouls plugs so quick

The stock needle is too thin (2.68mm). The JD needle ($75) is fatter (2.71mm), and the stock 55 pilot jet is also too rich. Personally, I went the route of buying an OEM tapered needle with a fatter L1 section (I went with 2.70mm, which is still too thin - I don't think 2.71mm is fat enough either) from Honda for $11, and standard replacement pilots are about $3.


can someone please tell me why my 07 cr125fouls plugs so quick

hey bro. how is it fouling? Black, white, or wet. Its all great advise that everyone is giving but start off small then work your way up to the bigger issues.

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